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  • Arapaho Glacier
    Hiking in the Indian Peaks Wilderness: Arapaho Glacier via the Rainbow Lakes TH
    Colorado tourists have been visiting Arapahoe Glacier for more than 100 years and you should, too! Back in the 1920s, it became a full-fledged tourist attraction with visitors coming via a tourist road, trains and horses to slip and slide on the...
  • Mud Lake Open Space
    Hiking near Nederland: Mud Lake Open Space Tungsten Loop and Kinnickinnick Loop
    If you're looking for an easy hike, Mud Lake Open Space offers a double loop trail in the forest with a lake in just 2.2 miles with 260 feet of elevation gain.The trailhead is about 2.4 miles from Nederland (directions below). Find a parking...
  • Dog-friendly Nederland, Colorado
    Dog-friendly Nederland, Colorado
    Nederland, Colorado is mainly known for the Frozen Dead Guy Days held the first weekend in March each year. However, it's a nice place to spend a day any time of year. A recent visit revealed plenty of things to do in the summer, especially if...
  • Video: The MINI Cooper Roadster S goes to Nederland, Colorado and finds love
    Video: The MINI Cooper Roadster S goes to Nederland, Colorado and finds love
    With 181 horsepower and 177 lbs-feet of torque working its way through a six-speed manual transmission, the MINI Cooper Roadster S is a wiz-bang package of joy-joy fun. Not only that, the MINI Cooper Roadster S is more comfortable than its closest...
  • The road to Nederland
    A trip to Nederland is a trip back in time
    Drawn by descriptions of a unique community, we decided to explore Nederland on a recent excursion. The weather had been somewhat rainy, so we didn’t know what to expect. I was hoping for a scenic drive, at the very least, which is what we...
  • Carousel of Happiness, Nederland, CO
    The Carousel of Happiness lives up to its name
    We had heard of the extraordinary Carousel of Happiness inNederland,the unlikely small town at the top of Colorado’s famed Peak to Peak highway. Here, you will find an unusual multisided glass-walled building just off Highway 119 as you come...
  • Eldora Mountain Resort
    Eldora fires up its new snow guns
    Eldora Mountain Resort announced today that it began its snowmaking operations this weekend, thanks to colder temps and some new natural snow. Eldora added 100 new low-energy HKD snow guns to its fleet for more snowmaking capacity and added...
  • The 2012 4XFall off road event is a success for Rocky Mountain journalists
    The 2012 4XFall off road event is a success for Rocky Mountain journalists
    The Rocky Mountain Automotive Press association (RMAP) represents automotive journalists in the Rocky Mountain region. They prides themselves on providing excellent event which allow their members and automakers to mingle, drive new models and...
  • Lengthy Trail
    Sourdough Trail not for wimps
    By the end of that snowshoe trek even my bone marrow hurt. Hiking the 11.6-mile length of the south to north Sourdough Trail above Nederland is one thing. Doing it on snowshoes is quite another.Don’t be fooled by its seclusion and beauty: it...
  • Free Lift Tickets at Eldora
    Ski Eldora Mountain Resort for Free
    Eldora Mountain Resort the closest ski area to Boulder, CO is offering a free day of skiing on Friday, March 4. All you need to do is bring in an old lift ticket from another ski area and your photo ID. Here is a link to their website and the page...
  • Caribou Ranch
    Hiking in Boulder County: Caribou Ranch Open Space
    Music fans know Caribou Ranch as the place many famous artists recorded in the 1970s and 1980s. But hikers and equestrians visiting Caribou Ranch will find themselves transported back many more decades in time. The hike takes you back to the late...
  • Blue Lake
    Hiking the Indian Peaks Wilderness: Mitchell & Blue Lakes
    Hiking in the wilderness can be difficult due to the lack of roads and long distances to get to your destination. However, that's not the case in a subarea of the Indian Peaks Wilderness called the Brainard Lake Recreation Area. Here hikers...
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