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GPS Generation

June 6, 2011
When I was a child, my mother would experience great angst over the art of direction. She has always been geographically challenged (at trait which, unfortunately, I inherited) and couldn't understand how people got places using sub...

Seattle Weekend Events April 2 & 3, 2011

April 1, 2011
April already, this year seems to be flying by us. Seattle has typical early spring weather in store this weekend. Periods of rain, sun, light wind and temperatures in the low 50's. Still some snowfall in the mountains...

Move Needs Changes to "Kinect" With Players

February 8, 2011
The Playstation Move was released in late September of last year, and has had some time to gain momentum. Its showdown with Microsoft's Kinect has left some unfulfilled due to the complete lack of originality in most of...

Maps and hunting

November 21, 2010
We have many different types of maps that we can use in the preparation and execution of a hunting trip. All of these different types of maps have advantages and disadvantages when compared with each other. So let's...

Droid 101: Navigating your new Droid X

July 28, 2010
Just from first glance, you can see that there is plenty of room even just on the home page.VerizonJust recently purchased a new Droid? Congratulations on your purchase! You certainly will not be disappointed. Now that you...

Garmin GPSmap 60CSx review

April 22, 2010
The Garmin GPSmap 60CSx is a reliable choice for general mountaineering. Every mountaineer knows that navigation is a key to travel in the back country. Of the many methods for determining position and location is the use of...