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  • To nap or not to nap
    Does nap time rule your social life?
    Parenting styles are very different when it comes to a baby's nap time. Each situation varies on the child and caregiver, as well as their environment. Who are we to judge who is right and who is wrong?There are those that stick to rigid...
  • Troy Boyle
    Excluded: The Story of President of the National Atheist Party, Troy Boyle
    Troy Boyle is a talented comic illustrator and law student, but you may know him best as the former President and Founder of the National Atheist Party. He left the NAP because he got offered a job that had a legal conflict with him holding a...
  • Sleep Talk
    Take a nap
    The cover picture of this article says Milk:,"When I'm waking up from a nap looking for dinner 😂😂😂😂." in a Twitter post at 6:03 PM - 11 Feb 2014."And Americans are napping, according to a 2011 poll by the National Sleep...
  • Kailyn Lowry
    ‘Teen Mom’ star Kailyn Lowry reveals pregnancy is exhausting
    “Teen Mom” star Kailyn Lowry has been a busy lady over the past couple of years, as she has gotten married twice to the same man, has been raising her son with her ex-boyfriend Jo Rivera, and she is now preparing for her second child....
  • Lady Gaga ‘took a nap’ with lions on South African safari
    Lady Gaga ‘took a nap’ with lions on South African safari
    During Lady Gaga’s South Africa tour, the singer took time to experience a safari and shared pictures with her lucky fans via Twitter:“SAFARI PICTURES: the lion pride even woke up at one point and let us come closer :) (on the left)...
  • Drink caffeine before nap to increase alertness
    Drink caffeine before nap to improve alertness, says Cornell professor
    Two of life’s little pleasures just got the go-ahead from Jim Maas, PhD, and a professor of psychology at Cornell University. According to a report on Health on TODAY dated Oct. 9, Jim Maas, PhD. says drinking a cup of coffee, or other...
  • NightWave Sleep Assistant
    Catch up on beauty sleep with NightWave
    Having a busy schedule, a stressful day at work or a bout of jet lag from traveling, can cause sleep loss. Instead of taking sleeping pills or suffering a night of endless tossing and turning, NightWaveoffers a relaxation routine to help achieve a...
  • naps reduce burnout
    One-hour naps boost performance, reduce burnout, says Harvard study
    Don’t feel funny about taking a nap, says the National Institutes of Health. In a study about “power naps” that they funded along with the National Institute on Neurological Disorders and Stroke, one of their conclusions is that...
  • Napping
    New research says napping during the day is OK for older adults
    Aging adults should not feel guilty about napping during the day, especially if it permits them to keep active and busy when they are feeling less tired, new research reveals.Experts at the University of Surrey found that many older people felt...
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