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Who is 'Siri'?

January 6, 2012
You might have heard the name. You might have heard the voice. You might have gotten valuable information from her.Who is Sire?According to Wikipedia, Siri is anintelligent software assistantandknowledge navigatorfunctioning...

Interesting and unusual facts about names

July 28, 2011
There are so many interesting things to know about names. First of all, every name comes with a story . . . including yours.A graduate of The Way of Life Bible Institute and a deacon a New Canaan Baptist Church in...

What Does Your Name Mean?

July 18, 2011
Every word has a meaning. Your name is no different. Some words even have implied meanings dependent upon their connection to other words, phrases, or ideas. Your name is, again, no different.When your name is brought...