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Unfaithful marriage: Muslim and Jew

August 18, 2014
Why is this a politics story? Because politics is religion and vice versa.How else could one describe it when a Muslim marries a Jew? There is a certain bit of yellow journalism in this story. If a person...

Anti-Semitism is on the rise

July 28, 2014
Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart.- Anne FrankAs the conflict rages in the Middle East, occurrences of disturbing anti-semitism are happening around the world, in England, and now even in the United States.The...

China says no fasting for Ramadan

July 2, 2014
China has ordered students and civil servants in the northwest Muslim part of Beijing to avoid the traditional fasting associated with Ramadan, the Islamic holy month.The Washington Post reports that statements were posted on websites of schools, government agencies...

Meriam Ibrahim says her daughter may never walk

July 2, 2014
While Meriam Ibrahim is still trying to leave Sudan, reports now come that her daughter, born while Ibrahim was in chains in prison, may never walk because of the horrid conditions surrounding her birth.In an interview with The Telegraph...

Meriam Ibrahim "free" but not yet allowed to leave Sudan

June 29, 2014
Reuters reports that U.S. officials in Khartoum are negotiating with Sudanese authorities to allow Meriam Yahya Ibrahim to leave Sudan.Ibrahim was recently spared death for her conversion to Christianity. Her case has sparked international interest and outrage...

Meriam Ibrahim reaches U.S. Embassy

June 27, 2014
After being released and detained again on fraud charges, the woman sentenced to die for her Christian faith has been given refuges in the US embassy in Khartoum.By telephone Friday, Ibrahim's husband, Daniel Wani told Agency France...