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  • McClain McGuire (foreground) EIC and CO of CCP Comics
    Small press and the problems of Diversity at Houston's Comicpalooza
    During Comicpalooza 2015, many small press outlets, artists and writers attended. Several of these creators shared their passion for their work and the diversity in comic books and how they see that small press is part of that. Also, McClain...
  • WW2 era location unknown
    Zac's Lilies, chapter 10, Shacharit musings and ' ... Who formed Man with wisdom
    Shacharit MusingsMay your countenance be pleasant and your ways, of peaceTether thyself to Him with both hand and mind.For devotion to divine service, therein you'll see ...of His Am Segula yourself will find.Acts of kindness and gentle words...
  • More Musings
    More musings
    Okay so here are several topics that have been in the news recently. They continue to make waves:1. What in the world is going on in Canton?Recently, we celebrated the 4th of July, a wonderful celebration of all that makes America great. Now this...
  • columbussign
    Musings gone rampant.
    Okay, so here are a few things that while not totally bizarre, just show how plain ignorance has gone rampant. These run from national to the local scene, and are just a few of the musings that just irritate this examiner, file under the "...
  • Driving across America... and then some
    Driving across America... and then some
    When I told people I was going to drive three thousand miles across the country I got a lot of strange responses, the most common of which was “You’re going to drive across the country alone?!?! Are you crazy?!?! Isn’t that...
  • A grateful couple of diners at the Palm in WeHo
    How would the gang of Seinfeld feel about all that thanking going on in restaurants, enough already
    I like to think of myself as a courteous, considerate person. But after spending over $200 at a restaurant recently I got to thinking about the whole lot of thanking that goes on before, during and after a meal out. I'll bet Larry David and...
  • The Travel Diva
    Confessions of a travel writing diva
    I often travel free But not without a fee Jet lag's a problem Especially with deadlines It's hard to write when You're don't feel bright Ican't always go Where I want to be Sometimes I feel so out to sea I'm wined and dined...
  • Are your rosaries fashion or function?
    Hip-Hop Rosaries and What Not to Wear pt. 1
    My Partner and I were at PF Changs (yummy, btw) for the first time. The tables in the cavernous dining room were so close you’d bump your elbow on your neighbor’s backside – should you need to wipe your mouth with your napkin. Being so cramped...
  • carseat-tristanx590.jpg
    Keep your kids safe: Use your car or booster seat
    As the mother of two boys (one is 7, the other is 17), I'm no stranger to the world of car and booster seats and respect the importance of ensuring all passengers are safely belted into any moving vehicle. I'm frightened by the footage I've seen...
  • Support Earth Day with eco-friendly products
    Dig into Earth Day, April 22, by going green with totes, stationery and other eco-friendly items
    Earth Day is April 22nd,let's do our partand buy"green". Aclever company calledRock Of Ages Pressis helping the world to keep the planet safeby using environmentally-friendly mateirals forECO Totes, special stationery called Urban...
  • The Spirit in Antiqua
    Cruise passengers say the darndest things like does the crew live on board or do they swim to shore
    "Does the crew live on board," a female passenger asked the Captain of a cruise ship during a welcome onboard cocktail party. The commandant assured here they did indeed have their own quarters and didn't have to sleep in a tug boat...
  • Who are you praying to and why?
    The cry of the agnostic
    There are many occasions that I wish I could give a relationship to Deity to someone. I wish that I could just wrap up the love of the gods in a brightly colored package, bless it, and hand it over as a gift. I wish that a relationship with the...
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