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  • Joaquin The Mountain Robber
    Joaquin Murieta driven to crime
    Joaquin Murieta, the famous gold rush brigand, and many of his bandit companions were reported to have been driven to their careers of crime by the strident anti-foreigner persecution of the era. According to many still unreliable reports, Murieta...
  • Powerball winner: Anonymous $400M winner only meant to buy hotdog buns
    Powerball winner: Anonymous $400M winner only meant to buy hotdog buns
    Powerball winner on Sept. 18 meant to buy hotdog buns at a South Carolina gas station. The anonymous winner came forward and revealed that when he could not find the buns, he bought $20 in tickets instead. According to United Press International...
  • Murphys Hotel 1860s
    The Murphys haunted hotel
    Eleanor started her new job as a chambermaid at the hotel some time back in the early 1860s, when the place was still called the Sperry and Perry House. There she fell in love with a gold miner who left to seek his fame and fortune, and though he...
  • Concours d'Elegance
    Concours d’Elegance: Vintage and Classic Cars in Murphys, California
    If you missed Pebble Beach’s famed Concours d’Elegance, never fear because one of California’s best Concours events is held each year in Murphys. While Pebble Beach can have cool temperatures during the event, Murphys located...
  • Metate Hill Winery tasting room
    Gold Country wine tasting in Calaveras County
    Napa enjoys world-wide acclaim with Sonoma close on her heels, but how many would think of butting up against the Sierra to sip wine among the ghosts of the 49ers? Calaveras County has a long viticultural history, ever since some of the gold rush...
  • Stevenot WInery, Murphys, CA
    Zip-line and wine in Calaveras County
    Can’t decide if you would rather kick back and sip wine, or get a shot of adrenaline zip-lining over a forest? You can do all this and more in Calaveras County on the western slope of the Sierra Nevada.Calaveras County offers some of the...
  • Yosemite Valley
    John Savage, an Indian war and Yosemite Valley
    Because of the shortage of available women in California many of the early settlers chose to marry Indians. A lot of these men were trappers and mountain men who lived much like the natives did anyway, but some were educated, cultured men who...
  • Columbia State Historic Park
    Columbia, the gem of the Southern mines
    Douglas Flat, about a mile south of Murphys and located on the limestone belt, was another rich mining site. Along the Sanislaus River five miles south of Douglas Flat and about the same distance southeast of Angels Camp sat Vallecito, but the...
  • Murphys, CA. July,1853
    The dreams of Angels Camp and the Murphys water supply
    Ten miles southeast of San Andreas and three or four miles north of Carson Hill sat Angels Camp, named for Henry and George Angel who had accompanied James Carson south from Weber Creek. A lot of placer gold was found in Angels Creek and the...
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