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  • General Spring lawn care tips for DFW area
    General Spring lawn care tips for DFW area
    The significance of lawn care during spring in DFW Spring here in the DFW area is the time of the year where the sun is warm, the gentle wind is cool, and you can truly be outdoors for more than half an hour without beginning to sweat when mowing....
  • Maintaining Bermuda grass lawns March-May
    Maintaining Bermuda grass lawns March - May, mowing & fertilizing
    March through May Lawn mowing in SpringStart scheduled Bermuda grass mowing when the lawn grass begins to turn green in the spring. Fix the mowing height between 1 to 2 inches for Common Bermuda grass and 1/2 to 1-1/2 inches for hybrid types and...
  • Bermuda grass
    Bermuda grass
    Spring Bermuda grass lawns can be vigorous and nice-looking if you provide them correct mowing and care, but first, here’s a bit of information about Bermuda grass.Common turf grass for Southern statesBermuda grass (Cynodon dactylon [L.]) is...
  • Spring brings new growth: Safety tips when mowing the lawn
    Spring brings new growth: Safety tips when mowing the lawn
    Spring has sprung and with the seasonal changes grass in many warmer areas has already begun to sprout. Now neighborhoods will be hearing that familiar hum of lawn mowers starting up and the smell of fresh cut grass.Although you may have been...
  • Maintaining the perfect lawn for the garden enthusiast
    Maintaining the perfect lawn for the garden enthusiast
    Gardeners know that being in the garden is not always about keeping the flowers and plants beautiful. It’s also about maintaining the lawn that surrounds those colorful flowers and plants. Because the lawn is an extension of the garden, it...
  • Healthy lawn
    Grow a weed-free lawn
    So no matter what you try you keep getting those ugly weeds all summer long…. And your neighbors are complaining about your ugly lawn with all those weeds. What to do now? Steve Bender writing for The Dailysouth has a simple solution for...
  • Summer job
    7 summer jobs for the underaged entrepreneur
    You might be too young to get a job this summer unless you are a child actress. Here are the labor laws in Kansas."Generally, children must be at least14 years of age in order to work. However, there are some exceptions to this. Exceptions...
  • Oklahoma seniors save cash on lawn care
    Oklahoma seniors save cash on lawn care
    Garden centers and home stores promote merchandise that’s designed to separate shoppers from their money. Seniors with lawn care savvy have learned, over the years, how to keep their lawns looking good without spending a great deal of money....
  • Beautiful lawn
    Home and garden: Spring lawn tips
    It's spring time and that means that new growth is abundant. Now is the time to implement a few necessary lawn tips to make sure your lawn stays intip-top shape throughout the mowing season.As lawn grasses spring to life and come out of...
  • lawn
    April lawn care for Michigan gardeners
    April is a good month for Michigan gardeners to think about their lawn, what you want it to look like and just how you want to care for it. Do you think of a lawn as something green to cover the ground or as a soft, dense green carpet to highlight...
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