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  • Moving into your first apartment: do it right!
    Making that big move into your own place: be sure to do it right
    It’s an exciting milestone in your post-college life to move into your very own place and feel like you’re finally beginning to live your adult life. As exciting as it seems, it could also be very stressful, even dangerous (to your...
  • Moving day
    Moving and the good that it brings
    If you haven't moved in awhile, it is still stressful. It still ranks up there with the top 5 stressors for adults, right there with divorce, job loss, major illness, and the death of a loved one If you haven't moved in awhile then you...
  • Victoria BC
    Tips for Moving to Victoria BC
    The city of Victoria sits on the Canadian border in one of the most gorgeous regions in North America. With 360,000 residents, 'The City of Gardens' offers both natural beauty as well as historic buildings and a modern cosmopolitan center....
  • 12 Tips for Moving to Portland
    12 Tips for Moving to Portland
    Portland seems to be one of the top relocation destinations of the last few years; in fact, Oregon topped the list of destination states for interstate moves in 2013 (Source:
  • Kim K. $20 million house: Say hello to a brand new home, Kanye living together with Kim
    Kim K. $20 million house: Kanye West, Kim Kardashian moving in? Baby North too
    Kim K. is moving into a $20 million house, and it is reported that she will be living together with husband Kanye West and baby North, too. Although there have been rumors that mom Kris Jenner had a bit of a tough time with Kim Kardashian leaving,...
  • Oregon state capitol
    Oregon named number one for top destinations according to United Van Lines
    For the second year in a row, Oregon has been named the top destination in the US for those who are choosing a place to live.United Van Lines keeps tabs on where their customers are moving to and from. About 66% of those who moved using United Van...
  • Make Your Move a Success
    5 Tips to Make Your Move a Success
    Many people will say that moving is a nightmare, but it certainly doesn't have to be. In fact, by following these five tips, you can ensure that your move goes as smoothly as possible and is ultimately a big success.Create a PlanA detailed...
  • 15 Tips to Help Pack Your Home for a Move
    15 Tips to Help Pack Your Home for a Move
    To pack effectively and efficiently, use the following fifteen tips that provide tried and true moving advice. You can minimize the frustration that often accompanies a move when you follow these packing tips.
  • WWE news: SmackDown being moved to Thursday nights starting January 15
    WWE news: SmackDown being moved to Thursday nights starting January 15
    It’s been rumored for several months now that WWE SmackDown would be moving back to Thursday nights. Well, now it’s official as announced today that SmackDown is making the move to Thursday night starting January 15. SmackDown...
  • Common Mistakes Made During a Move
    Five common mistakes made during a move
    Are you planning on moving in the near future? Finding a new place to live can be exciting, however, few people look forward to the moving process. A move can be considerably less taxing and troublesome when you avoid some common mistakes that...
  • The Complete Guide to Moving
    The Complete Guide to Moving
    The prospect of moving can initially be exciting--until you take a look at your space and realize all the work it's going to take to pack up and go. Moving requires a lot of work, but if you approach this task in stages, you may find that the...
  • Moving Expenses
    Deducting Moving Expenses
    Have you moved because of your job? Taxpayers may be able to take deductions for moving expense on their tax return. To be able to take deductions for the expenses, the move must be to begin a new job or for the same occupation/employer in a new...
  • New house, new life
    Moving in with a new roommate: Take your time there's no rush
    Today is the day you've decided to move out of mom and dads and into your own apartment. Congratulations, you are growing up and finally putting on your big boy or girl pants. Let's just hope you can make more than Ramen in the microwave....
  • Moving dreams
    Do dreams reveal our true feelings about moving?
    Do you ever have recurring dreams? The kinds of dreams which seem to repeat over and over in terms of location, content or characters? Dreams in which the subconscious keeps returning to meander around a favorite territory while theconscious...
  • Andi Dorfman
    ‘Bachelorette’ star Andi Dorfman changes her life for new man
    “Bachelorette” star Andi Dorfman went on the show to find a husband and it sounds like the journey was successful. Many reports claim that she has found love and that she is planning on relocating to live with her future husband, but...
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