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    Moto E: Good or good enough?
    In the introductory article, there was a bit of language included about the perception of value in regard to the new Moto E from Motorola. This was in the context of Motorola promising premium smartphone features without the premium pricing. This,...
  • B&WMotoE
    The best product roll out ever: Motorola Moto E
    What could easily be the coolest press roll out ever, Motorola launched it’s new Moto E today with a promise of premium smartphone features without the premium pricing. Exactly how premium and how inexpensive will, however, have to wait to...
  • The hot new Droid Turbo from Verizon and Motorola.
    Droid Turbo compared to iPhone: A look at Verizon's hot new Android
    The latest hot Android smartphone is the Droid Turbo from Verizon and Motorola. Droid Turbo is about the same size as iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5. It has the latest Android operating system, 4.4.4 or "Kit Kat," and this report on Jan....
  • 13 Hot ones from the International Consumer Electronics Show
    13 Hot ones from the International Consumer Electronics Show
    This wrap up of CES2015 highlights brings some great technology from the International Consumer Electronics Show in computing, photography, smartphones, personal transporters, security, audio and home automation.
  • Moto 360 unveiling
    Getting to know the Moto 360
    It’s a world of wonder out there. It really is. We’ve gone from henges and monoliths to sundials and hourglasses to clocks of all sizes and watches, both pocket and wrist to these things called smartwatches.Smartwatches have been...
  • Drybar/ Motorola  Giveaway
    Holiday Beauty Giveaway- Drybar and Motorola -Smooth Talker Giveaway
    Recently, at local Drybar in NYC I had a fantastic blow out and style. It was my first experience and I really enjoyed the sleek look with just enough curls and body.The same day I had an chance to check out the new Motorola MotoX and the Moto 360...
  • Need to know: Moto 360
    Need to know: Moto 360
    When 2014 started, it looked like it was going to be the year of wearable technology. Now, twelve months in, though the furor over wearable tech has died down some, it looks like wearables are here to stay. There’s no way to predict which...
  • Motorola Moto X Moto G
    Unlocked Moto X, Moto G cost even less with Motorola's trade-in program
    Motorola is offering up to $300 for trading in your old smartphone for a new Moto X or Moto G. Announced during IFA 2014 last week, the 2014 Motorola Moto X and Moto G are refreshed versions of last year’s budget phones of the same name. As...
  • Best Buy accidentally leaks data on Motorola's Moto 360 smartwatch
    Best Buy accidentally leaks info on Motorola’s secretive Google-enhanced Moto 36
    Everyone makes mistakes, even multi-million dollar technology retailers, and someone at Best Buy is likely getting called on the carpet today. A recent report posted on the Business Insider website just minutes ago on August 18, 2014 is reporting...
  • Motorola Moto X + 1
    Alleged photos of the Motorola Moto X +1 surface on the web
    Rumors of a successor to the incredibly popular Motorola Moto X have been flying around the internet for a few months now, but until this point nobody really knew just how much the new phone (dubbed the Moto X+1) would change from the original in...
  • Original Motorola Moto X
    Motorola Moto X + 1 specifications outed by Brazilian retailer
    The upcoming release of the Moto X+1 is generating as much excitement in the smartphone world as the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the Apple iPhone 6, but Motorola have done a great job shielding the device and its specs from the public eye, however a...
  • Moto 360
    Moto 360 smartwatch reported to land in July, pricing in the $400 range
    Motorola's Moto 360 smartwatch was announced back in March, and now we're hearing reports that the device will be launched in the July timeframe at a price point in the $400 range. The Moto 360 was unveiled at the same time as Google's...
  • Motorola introduced Moto E, world's lowest price new smartphone, May 13.
    Best smartphone price: Moto E Android smartphone at $129 off contract
    Motorola launched the Moto E on May 13. Moto E is a new smartphone from an excellent manufacturer with the extremely low price of $129 and no contract requirement. Compare that to the price of the iPhone 5s which is $649 without a contract while a...
  • Moto E Smartphone
    The Moto E becomes a groundbreaking cheap smartphone for $129
    It may seem almost inconceivable to tech fans that there is a segment of the electronics community that could care less about owning a smartphone. But Motorola announced its new Moto E smartphone today and this device may even convince non...
  • Moto X  launch display
    Motorola Moto X gets temporary sale price, Moto E launch hints towards May 13
    Motorola’s Mother’s Day sale kicks off early with 24-hour price slash of its Moto X smartphone. On Thursday (May 1) only, you can get mom a brand new no contract customized smartphone for a reasonable price and save up to $75....
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