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  • A real MOTORcycle
    Will electric Harley-Davidson be the Two Wheeled Tesla?
    The classic motorbike hogging the aspiration of young and old fresh-air, two-wheel travelers is a Harley-Davidson. After hearing and getting familiar with that unmistakable sound of a V-Twin for more than one hundred years, the air has been...
  • Motorcycles of the past and future
    Designing good-looking new personal transportation not easy
    “It’s not easy being green”; — you surely remember who used to sing that, if you had small children at the time.Alternative transportation is the greening of personal mobility. For those of us who do not want to crank the...
  • Van Long Nature Reserve
    Ninh Binh, Vietnam: A majestic travel destination
    If you ever find yourself traveling through Vietnam, do yourself a favor and make a stop in Ninh Binh (pronounced Neeeng Beeeng). Located in north Vietnam, 60 miles south of the capital, Hanoi, this city is a jump-off point close to many...
  • Piston Bike's 66cc GT5 Slant-Fire Engine: Smaller Has Come Of Age
    Piston Bike's 66cc GT5 Slant-Fire Engine: Smaller Has Come Of Age
    The Gas QuandaryAnd Localized Travel:As gas prices go through the ceiling($4.00 a gallon in my town), everyone is looking for an economical alternative to hopping in the car for short runs around town. Piston Bikes has an affordable solution; the...
  • CO2 Green-House gas
    Alternative transportation for fresh air commuters in the near future
    Bicycles are not everyone’s ‘cup of tea’. Commuting in Canadian towns and cities can be hazardous at any time, more so in inclement weather, especially in the winter.Electrically assisted bikes make the trip to and from work...
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