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  • State Representative Larry Lee never forgets the children and schools
    State Representative Larry Lee never forgets the children and schools
    Back in October of 2014, even in the midst of a political campaign, Rep. Larry Lee never forgot the children as he visited Mr. Seabury’s Civics class at Lincoln Park Academy in St. Lucie County School District giving the students a real...
  • What does it mean to motivate?
    Types of speeches: The motivational speech
    One of the most popular — and for some Long Beach speakers, lucrative — types of speeches is the motivational speech. The purpose of a motivational speech is to encourage the audience to grow personally or professionally. It is very...
  • Friendship and Business
    Friends and Business
    Often we get these bright ideas to do something major and of course, we want to include our friends. What could be better to go into business and do it with a friend right? Not so fast!Unless you know that you and your friend are capable of going...
  • Demotivation
    Workfarce: Five easy ways to successfully demotivate employees
    Researchers are wrong. They say happy employees are more productive, a motivated workforce will provide better customer service, costs will go down when employees are treated with appreciation and respect. Yada, yada, yada.If this were true, why...
  • Teachers' Responsibility
    Sole Responsibility to Engage Students and Motivate to Show Up to School?
    Are Teachers Solely Responsible for Motivating Students to Come to School and Actively Participate in Instruction?At the Schools with Audrey LindenThis question was posed by a teacher on an educational site I belong to and open for a group...
  • Help someone else lose weight
    How do you help someone else lose weight?
    Do you have a loved one who’s trying to shed some pounds, or “stones” if you’re British (1 stone = 14 pounds)? Are you getting frustrated because it feels like you’re trying harder than they are? How do you support...
  • Motivate Your Child to Learn
    Motivate Your Child to Learn and inspire an appetite for knowledge
    Children develop attitudes toward learning from the adults in their lives. As parents nurture their child's self-confidence and curiosity, they instill the message that learning is useful and fun. Children, who observe adults being...
  • Cartoon Manager
    Does wisdom really begin when we fear God?
    The Bible tells us that fearing God is the beginning of both knowledgeand wisdom. This fearful concept of our Creator makes it easier to see why traditional Christians would believe that heaven is only a “yes to God” away compared to...
  • Today's job interviews are a minefield, so plan and prepare for the sublime to the ridiculous.
    Jobseekers' tips/trends/insights for those on the hunt (4th in a jobs series)
    Here are typical questions/answers to expect during an interview: "Tell Me about Yourself." Ack. Don't panic; this is now an interview staple. Use this as a chance to tell what your resume doesn't, encapsulated into about two...
  • In the maze of job-hunting, the in-person interview is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
    Jobseekers' tips/trends/insights for those on the hunt (3rd in a jobs series)
    If you land an in-person interview, it will undoubtedly be difficult to arrange one with a major decision-maker in hiring. Yes, you've made it past the first two critical parts; however, you may have at least another two to three trials before...
  • Government jobs are one field with a lot of job openings, spanning from federal to state and local.
    Jobseekers' tips/trends/insights for those on the hunt (1st in a jobs series)
    As locals stream hopefully toward prospective employers in this economic climate, there are new patterns emerging from those who are coaching the unemployed and those who are doing the hiring. A University of Phoenix/CareerBuilder job fair held...
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