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    MISSIONThe MISSION of the New York City Police Department is to enhance the quality of life in our City by working in partnership with the community and in accordance with constitutional rights to enforce the laws, preserve the peace, reduce fear,...
  • breast cancer  awareness
    Breast Cancer Awareness Month Part 1
    As a columnist, I would like to take a moment to educate my readers about breast cancer awareness. Becoming familiar with breast structure (anatomy) and how the breasts function can help you understand the normal changes that occur during your...
  • Most (The Bridge)
    Most: The Deluxe Edition (The Bridge) released on DVD March 1 - movie review
    "Most: The Deluxe Edition" releases March 1, 2011 from Nashville's Provident films and is available at Christian stores and online retailers. This captivating 33-minute short film is directed by Bobby Garabedian from a script he co...
  • Skin layers
    Where does it hurt the most?
    When it comes to what part of the body hurts more getting tattooed, THEY ALL HURT some more some less, in the end it depends more in the person and in his or hers tolerance to pain.Where does it hurt the most?Let’s get some information out...
  • Big Mac
    Top 7 fast foods that are much worse than they seem
    Here are the top seven foods that seem like a healthier alternative to that tempting double cheeseburger meal, but are actually so much worse.Have you been blaming your need for new pants on TNT’s Law and Order marathon last Saturday? You...
  • airo.jpg
    DFW airlines are passenger favorites
    A pair of Dallas-based airlines are the most popular U.S. carriers, according to new statistics.Southwest Airlines boarded more total passengers than any of its rivals, while American Airlines boarded the highest number of international passengers...
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