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  • Friendship Is Important
    6 tips on improving morale at your workplace
    It can be difficult improving the morale in your business. It can also be challenging to try to please everybody and for everyone to do their job correctly.As a result, here are six tips on how to improve the work environment within your business...
  • Office Vampires
    When Tricks are Really Treats
    “He stabbed me in the back” is more than a Halloween prank at work. That invisible knife can hurt like hell and the effects last way longer than a real knife in a street fight.There are those at work who stab and smile. They are...
  • GOAL is essential to good management
    Use the GOAL strategy for effective management
    Transportation and delivery companies are very aware of safe practices and constantly look for ways to remind their drivers to maintain a safe awareness when driving and when stopped. One of the acronyms that has been used for drivers pulling out...
  • Business workers in New York
    Enforcing business ethics in the workplace
    The business world is known as being a “dog eat dog” world. Corporations are in constant competition with one another, and will go to great lengths to ensure their competition fails. While it is okay for corporations to be strong...
  • DPD
    It's official- James Craig to be Detroit's new head cop
    At a news conference Tuesday morning, Cincinnati Chief of Police James Craig announced that he will accept an offer to take over the same post in Detroit. This confirms a tweet to that effect Monday by a Cincinnati councilman.Craig is no stranger...
  • Kelly Pickler spreads Christmas troop cheer during hardship opposition
    Kelly Pickler spreads Christmas troop cheer during hardship opposition
    Adorable country artist Kelly Pickler is visiting troops overseas which marks her sixth collaborations with the USO and building troop moral. A much needed relief from the stress and workload of being at war and missing their families during the...
  • Improve workplace relationships - bring your dog to work
    Improve workplace relationships: bring your dog to work
    Years ago it would be unheard of to bring your pet to work. Today, there are more and more businesses that actually encourage bringing your dog to work as it reduces stress while promoting a positive working environment, increasing loyalty and...
  • Call Center Associate
    Call Center supervisors work to keep morale high
    “I have worked in a number of centers and this one suits me just fine”. Call center associate Alexa explains, 27. “I consider this to be my chosen field. I started working in the Call Center in November of 2008. I always took...
  • Workplace relationships - motivation
    Workplace relationships – maintaining motivation
    In these tough economic times, maintaining a staff’s motivation is one of the hardest things to do, especially if there is heavy competition between employees. The balance of the workplace relationships between co-workers lies heavily on the...
  • Team Building
    Company Morale Boosters
    Fort Worth, TX - Some companiesactually make the effort to keep their employees excited. Sometimes, an employee may come tofeelexploited or as if they're being kept in a vacuum.One wants toknow that he or she is appreciated. Well, some...
  • Gobble Gobble
    Thanksgiving appreciation lunch
    It is never too early for Turkey Day!Actually, I have been a vegetarian for as many years as I may remember, but for others, the feast must go on, and in the case ofthe "Thanksgiving Appreciation Lunch" hosted by Joint Forces Training...
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