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  • Bill Maher slams the far left
    Bill Maher slams the far left
    Last night, Bill Maher interviewed Mike Huckabee at the beginning of his show, "Real Time with Bill Maher," and teased him that he has a persecution complex. Huckabee is a Christian social conservative, a group that comprises the...
  • 'Saturday Night Live' with Chris Rock as host causes mixed reactions
    Chris Rock returns as host on ‘Saturday Night Live’ with controversial monologue
    1996 was the last time Chris Rock hosted “Saturday Night Live.” From 1990 till 1993 he was a regular cast member of “SNL,” working alongside the late Jan Hooks. He returned once again Saturday to his edgy comedic style of...
  • Audition today and tomorrow for 'Briefs: A Winter Shorts Play Weekend'
    Audition for Cohasset Dramatic Club's 'Briefs: A Winter Shorts Play Weekend'
    Interested in doing some acting but looking for a short-term commitment?The Cohasset Dramatic Club is presenting a collection of plays called, ‘Briefs: A Winter Shorts Play Weekend.’ Open auditions take place on Sunday, January 5 at 6...
  • Monologue, dialogue or duelogue?  How savvy are you?
    Monologue, dialogue or duelogue? How savvy are you?
    Communication savvy seems unimportant next to financial savvy in the workplace to most 'higher-ups.'NOTE 1: IT'S NOTTake the case of Apple SVP, Scott Forster who was recently fired for refusing to sign an apology to Apple Maps...
  • Swimming to Cambodia
    With Spalding Gray, he gave the monologue a unique life - even on film
    It was 1987, when actor-writer Spalding Gray walked into New York City's Performing Garage for one of his monologue shows. He would sit at a table, and place his notes on top of it. Then he took his audience to another world - in this case, it...
  • Eating Her Wedding Dress
    Poets are like flys on the wall
    ALBANY POETRY EXAMINERPOETS ARE LIKE FLYS ON THE WALLBeing a fly on the wall is a technique poets often use to collect data for their poems – quietly observing what is going on around them without anyone realizing it. The poet Dorianne Laux...
  • August Wilson
    Illinois students win New York theater competition
    Young artists from across the country competed in the finals of the August Wilson Monologue Competition at the August Wilson Theatre in New York City this month. Three finalists chosen from Chicago’s final round held last April competed with...
  • Gorilla Tango
    Gorilla Tango springs into laughter with two new shows this May
    Beginning tonight at Gorilla Tango Theatre, audiences can see INTERDIMENSIONAL SUPER SHOW, a weekly comedy series produced by Jessica Taylor and Jeff Hansen that performs at 8:00 pm on Wednesdays until May 25, 2011.Comedian Hansen says he was...
  • Incorruptible_2.jpg
    The hunt for audition material: Incorruptible by Michael Hollinger
    It is difficult to know what scripts to read when searching for audition material, and the huntingcan waste valuable time and money. Thankfully, “Incorruptible” is a dark comedy that manages to provide some heartbreaking pieces one...
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