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  • Family Conflict and Individual Needs
    Thought of the Day. Family Conflict (Part II) Why Truth is Relative
    In Part I of Family Conflict I presented the idea conflicts often involve looking at the present through our history. There is an amazing similarity in the type of conflicts created by a health crisis and during family gatherings at holidays. As a...
  • I can't read your mind.
    Marriage; let's set the mood
    Ok couples, how many times have you snapped at your spouse because of the mood, our should I say “tude”, your in. You know that it’s ok to share your feelings with your spouse before you bite their head off. Giving him or her, a...
  • What did you say?
    Effective communication matters in a marriage
    All too often people convey the wrong message to one another. Not knowing what words to use or just the right way to approach a topic can send you down the wrong communication path. Communication is so very important in relationships, all types of...
  • How the Average American Misunderstands Global Warming Evidence
    How the Average American Misunderstands Global Warming Evidence
    “Scientific consensus.” If you weren't schooled in the nomenclature of science, the phrase would merely seem to imply an open forum of some sort where scientists tell their opinions on a certain subject. Part of this is true....
  • Long Distance Relationship
    Long distance misunderstandings can be big problems
    Talk to anyone in Los Angeles who is in a long distance relationship and they'll tell you how hard it can be. Every day misunderstandings can turn into big problems when you're apart.Take an awkward good-bye, and throw in the time it takes...
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