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  • Misinformation
    How to spread misinformation on Wikipedia
    Imagine it's 1918. World War One has drawn to a close in Europe. The city of Cleveland founded its own orchestra. And over in Japan, the Sagami Railway is nearing completion of its first section of track, and soon its rail cars will be...
  • Jimmy Kimmel fear and ignorance prevail
    Doctors are smarter than us
    Doctors are smarter than us, while that is a very blanket statement, it seems to be the major argument of CNBC host Jimmy Kimmel. In a dialog that bordered on lunacy (in my opinion) Jimmy Kimmel decided to take on, insult and demonize the anti...
  • Big money spent to keep Coloradans in the dark
    Big money spent to keep Coloradans in the dark
    With the midterm elections just days away, corporate money continues to pour into the GMO misinformation mill in Colorado. Wednesday, the Washington Post reported, “One2013 surveyconducted by researchers at Rutgers Universityfound that 54...
  • Ebola Virus 4
    The Ebola Factor
    The recent outbreak of the Ebola pandemic in Africa has flooded all forms of mass media. What many don’t know is that much of what we are being told by the U.S. government are lies. The most important thing to the media and government aren&...
  • Tomato plants
    Organic industry has been fibbing all along
    A massive new Organic Marketing Reportwas published yesterday at the site on the marketing of organic foods. Subtitled “Why Consumers Pay more For Organic Foods? Fear Sells and Marketers Know it,” the report is...
  • Can this be The REAL Reason Flight 370 Disappeared?
    Can this be The REAL Reason Flight 370 Disappeared?
    Video produced by Produced, written, and edited by Kris Zane. Narrated by Tom Hinchey
  • Lawrence Torcello
    College prof thinks climate change deniers should be thrown in jail
    Stop me if you’ve heard this one: An assistant professor of philosophy at Rochester Institute of Technology believes that those who spread misinformation about climate change should be found criminally negligent and punished. By...
  • Marijuana leafs
    Coroner rules woman's death caused by cannabis toxicity
    As the world heads toward higher acceptance of cannabis, detractors will stoop to any level necessary to maintain the misinformation about the herb. In 2004, when Britain was debating the reclassification of marijuana from a Class B drug to a...
  • Walmart newsroom using Twiiter addresses a hoax
    When Google shuts down and Wikipedia crashes will it only be a hoax?
    Social media has been filled with so much misinformation in recent days as people try to sort through fictional stories posing as news.On Tuesday, The Walmart newsroom felt the need to address a hoax about the story of a woman killing three...
  • Paul Walker at crash site Valencia, California
    Paul Walker’s death and the internet hoax that never happened
    Initial confusion about the death of "The Fast and the Furious" actor Paul Walker centers around news of death hoax by a website that admittedly makes up stories about celebrities to poke fun at the media.Death hoax an untimely jokeIn a...
  • Susan E. Whigham
    ‘No apologies: Obamacare works,’ says Susan E. Whigham
    A few more Susan E. Whighams, and Barack Obama can die a happy man. Whigham is the author of a letter to the editor published in today’s Orlando Sentinel. The letter, which appears in the paper’s “My Word” column, reveals...
  • Chad and Sarah Rogers
    If you are related to one of My Kids, you become one of My Kids by default.
    I’m having trouble catching my breath. I’m so undone by the words of others, and I’m trying so hard not to be, but this is something that can happen when you are a Teen Mentor. Any of you who have followed the news in the Kansas...
  • Hurricane Sandy
    Deceit and corporate manipulation of the dialogue on climate change, redux
    The sheer scope of hurricane Sandy, and the fact that climate scientists attribute the size and ferocity of the late-season storm to the melt of the polar ice cap emphasizes that the ongoing issue of industry manipulation of the message is a topic...
  • What it costs to buy a seat in the Congress of United States
    Outside groups twist the truth leading up to the general election
    American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS are two of many conservative super PACs leading the way in large-sum contributions, as of which Sheldon Adelson and Donald Trump just name a few of those who give to such PACs. One may see the way heavy...
  • President Barack Obama signs the prosthetic arm of Sgt. Carlos Evans, USMC
    Making Stuff Up – “Obama Stops Soldier from Speaking”
    I generally don't do commentary on my Examiner page. Let's be honest, I haven't done anything on my Examiner page in a long time. To my loyal readers, I apologize. But I'm back and I'm starting with a commentary that will guide...
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