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  • granddadbandit.jpg
    Granddad Bandit Captured
    Michael Francis Mara, 52, robbed banks in 13 states and eluded authorities for almost 2 years until he was finally captured at his Baton Rouge home on Wednesday after a six hour standoff. Whoever said that the elderly don’t contribute to...
  • August is Romance Awareness Month: Be a romantic!
    Romance Awareness Month: Be a romantic
    Romance is a term that used to give a description of pleasurable feelings of excitement and wonder associated with love. Romance is also used to describe courting or pursuing one in an amorous manner. In the context of romantic love relationships,...
  • Surf Brothers Teriyaki
8590 Rio San Diego Dr. Suite 106
San Diego, CA, 92108
    Hawaiian food finds its way to Mission Valley
    Without an L&L's or DaKine's restaurant within the confines of Mission Valley's borders, Surf Brothers Teriyakishines as the sole Hawaiian restaurant of the community. Although they don't advertise themselves as being a...
  • Chamorro
6628 Mission Gorge Road
San Diego, CA 92120-2339
(619) 280-2000
    Red Rice, Kelaguin and more. . . Guamanian food in Mission Valley
    Distances away from the more common areas of San Diego known for Asian or Islander food (i.e.; National City or Mira Mesa), Chamorro Grill, a Guamanian restaurant, is conveniently located in Mission Valley. Some have already discovered this...
  • getty_rf_photo_of_sunlight_filtering_through_trees(1).jpg
    Lemonade lament...
    Ah, the Solstice! It brings to mind that one, single, solitary day each yearwhen we can look forward to the most daylight of all. Elongating and stretching out our care-free summer whims, this day is often one of reverie and celebration around the...
  • IMG_0363.JPG
    Chinese wine market: Make mine red without the coke
    Chines wine marketThe Chinese wine market is booming. Think only Americans and European’s drink wine? Think again. China’s new emerging middle class is helping to drive wine imports. The new wealthy are waking up now to the pleasures...
  • iPhone_leak.jpg
    Apple says iPhone prototype not 'lost'
    Steve Jobs previews iPhone OS4.0 recently. AP Photo/Eric Risberg The day is off to a great start for Steve Jobs and crew if any publicity is indeed good publicity. Earlier today,Gizmodoposted pictures and specs of what is no doubt an Apple iPhone...
  • SVASE-Cambridge_West_Ventures_Seed_Fund_Pogram_Winners_Fin.jpg
    Local startups win seed funding and a wealth of knowledge
    Photo Courtesy of SVASETwo Bay Area IT startups were awarded the distinguished Silicon Valley Association of Startup Entrepreneurs (SVASE) and Cambridge West Ventures Seed Fund Award last evening. Palo...
  • HP_Slate.jpg
    More Slate details revealed to cool iPad's punch
    Earlier this year at CES, HP gave everyone a glimpse of its latest baby: the 8.9 inch multitouch screen Slate. Today more details have been leaked by HP vis a vis the folks atengadgetand a nifty YouTube teaser. Conveniently following the launch of...
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