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  • Blue Hills
    Pre-Holiday Fun at the Blue Hills Reservation
    Every year, the holidays cause fathers the same old anxieties and fears of excessive spending, travel stress, and various time demands that make these days much less enjoyable than they should be. In order to prepare for the mandatory headaches, a...
  • Corvus Corax
    Terre Haute's crow patrol returns for a third season
    Residents of Milton,a small town in Pennsylvania,* remember when their skies were filled with crows. The birds filled the sky for two hours after sunrise and two hours before sunset. They provided a choral cacophony during their flight. The small...
  • FNB Florida in Milton becomes the 71st bank to fail in 2011
    FNB Florida in Milton becomes the 71st bank to fail in 2011
    There was one bank that closed its doors on Friday, September 9th in the state of Florida, late this evening after the market closed. The First National Bank of Florida, located in Milton, is the third bank to fail in September, and brings the...
  • If we give back to others, we all get richer
    Milton and Toronto entrepreneurs contend that philanthropy makes everyone richer
    By Paul W. Fitzgerald We always hear about people starting up new businesses. It's just a fact of life.Yes, we live in a free market where the spirit of entrepreneurship is welcomed with open arms, there’s no doubt about it.However,...
  • Upcoming Events in the Puget Sound
    Upcoming Hip Hop Events in the Puget Sound November 12th Through November 19th
    Wow! There are so many events going on from now until the end of the year, and especially this weekend! I hope my readers are able to get to a few of them and show your support for local hip hop artists around the Puget Sound. Here are some of the...
  • Crossroads at Crabapple Festival
    Crossroads at Crabapple Festival
    It's that time of year again. A time to stroll through beautiful. historic Crabapple on a cool fall day and take in the wares of more than 100 antique dealers and juried artists from six states.It's time for the Crossroads at Crabapple...