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  • Miller James releases new single and video for ‘Honestly’
    Miller James releases new single and video for ‘Honestly’
    The new single and video from singer/songwriter Miller James titled “Honestly” debuted on Dec. 9. An introspective artist with folk sensibilities, Miller James has been known within the southwest music scene for a number of years...
  • Going the extra mile
    What Jesus meant by saying, 'Go the extra mile'
    You have probably heard the expression, "go the extra mile," but do you know what the expression means? "Going the extra mile" simply means doing more than is expected of you. It means not taking shortcuts but going beyond what...
  • Move a Mile a Day for 30 Days!
    Move a mile more a day for 30 days
    Run, jog, walk, crawl — just lace up and go! Bike if you have to. It does not matter. Just use the energy to get your fitness gear on and go!30 Day Challenge - Move a Mile Every Day for 30 DaysIt sounds simple, because it is! The drive...
  • Model showing off luxury car.
    The science of hypermiling (Part 1)
    Hypermiling is the new craze among car enthusiasts around the world. With high gasoline prices the past few years, drivers have been trying to find a way to increase their fuel efficiency. Automobile makers have cut the manufacturing of low...
  • Runners are ready for the Disco Mile
    Lucky Mile Race Series a great time for families and kids
    The Lucky Mile Race Series kicked off the first of it's five themed races on Thursday May 3, with its Disco and Afros night. Many of the 100 participants embraced the theme night donning afros, glittery tops, platform shoes and even a disco...
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