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A Dry And Seasonable Weekend Ahead !

April 4, 2014
Clouds and drizzle to end the work week......It sure felt like a Winter day with a high of just 51 at Philly International this afternoon; when you tacked on a northeast wind between 15-20mph it felt most of...

Strong Thunderstorms Possible On Friday

February 20, 2014
The average high at Philly International Airport is 45 while our average low is 29; this morning's low was 47(warmer than our average high!) and we reached 52 before 3pm with sunshine giving way to clouds in...

More Snow?!?! We Just Got Done With A Storm!

February 14, 2014
Technically Friday will go down in the climatology report as having a high of 44 at 4pm at Philly International Airport AFTER snow in the early morning(0.7" with 0.21" of liquid....leading to a very...

Still In An Active Pattern....

January 25, 2014
So we spent yet another day below freezing as we've failed to reach 32 degrees at Philly International since Monday! After a low of 19 we only reached 26 degrees; that was at 11:05 in the morning...

Still a Stormy Pattern, But Remains Mild

January 14, 2014
Tuesday was an overcast, dreary, wet, and foggy day across the region with the heaviest rain falling the further east you were across South Jersey(I know firsthand as I drove from Toms River to Somers Point this afternoon!). Officially...

A Mild But Wet Tuesday....

January 13, 2014
If you had to work indoors all day long and away from windows, YOU MISSED OUT ON AN AWESOME DAY! We reached a high of 57 at Philly International this afternoon after a seasonable low of 28; it was...

A Mild Start To The New Work Week

January 12, 2014
After some light rain early Sunday morning(that amounted to just 0.01") AND a high temperature of 52 at Philly International(at 1:22am) we tried to scour out the clouds throughout the day with little success; temperatures...

From Snow To Freezing Rain To Thunderstorms?

January 10, 2014
After a horrible episode of freezing rain this morning that led to numerous accidents we finally got above the freezing mark by noontime and it was just a plain old rain; overnight we are dealing with locally dense fog...

January thaw in the forecast

January 9, 2014
Are you read for a dose of mild weather? It is kind of hard to believe many people would not be! After experiencing some of the coldest wind chill temperatures in 20 years, it is time for a...