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  • Derek Christianson
    Micronutrients for increased crops yields and nutrition
    If you could increase your yields and your markets demanded more produce, would you spend money on soil amendments? Derek Christianson of Brix Bounty Farm in Dartmouth, MA has long recommended farmers pay attention to soil micronutrients. He said...
  • Choosing the right milk carton for better health
    Choosing the right milk carton for better health
    Milk is an essential food source for healthy bones, nutrition and calcium that we all need to support a healthy lifestyle. Choosing the proper container when purchasing milk is just as important as choosing the type of milk your body needs or can...
  • U.N. suggests edible insects to boost nutrition
    U.N. suggests edible insects to boost nutrition
    While many in the Western world scrunch their nose at the thought of eating insects, the U.N. has introduced the idea as a way to fight hunger, boost nutrition, and reduce pollution. On Monday, May 13, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)...
  • brainwork
    Micronutrients help stabilize mood
    What is a non-drug pill that can affect mood?A multi-vitamin supplement.Brain biochemistry relies on nutrients to carry signals. Deficiencies in vitamins and minerals or an excess of saturated and trans fat alters brain function and mood.Your body...
  • Holistic dynamic phytotherapy and micronutrients.
    Dynamic phytotherapy offers holistic health career
    Phytotherapy is about the balance between herbalism and homeopathy and also includes the study of how micronutrients affect health. For persons interested in adding a new dimension to holistic family health, a career in dynamic phytotherapy offers...
  • Home garden
    Garden rotation necessary for soil health
    Home gardens require thirteen essential nutrients in the soil to provide an effective medium for plant growth and a healthy habitat for soil organisms. These nutrients are broken into two categories: macronutrients and micronutrients. The...