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  • Don't stress!!
    It's Time to Relax
    It’s no question that stress is one of the main issues causing health problems to the majority of humans today. We live in stressful times, so it’s not surprising. Stress causes both physical and mental ailments, from simple pain, like...
  • Painting illustrating the many considerations of astrology
    How do astrology birth charts reveal an individual’s personality?
    The writings, hieroglyphs, and symbols that are speckled throughout a birth chart all have meaning. When a planetary transit matches up with any part of an individual's horoscope, it's going to have meaning that's pertinent to that...
  • The basic method of foot reflexology is direct pressure with  finger.
    What can you expect from your reflexology appointment? What are the basic?
    Benefits:Reflexology promotes healing by stimulating the nerves in the body and encouraging the flow of blood. In the process, reflexology not only quells the sensation of pain, but relieves the source of the pain as well.Techniques.Increasing...
  • Find your missing links
    Leave it to Germans to find your missing link
    Scientists have been searching for the missing link between man and ape since the first archeological dig. But when it comes to finding the links tied to your company’s Website or blog,, a product of German ingenuity, can...
  • Voting methods and voting trends in Martin County, Florida
    Voting methods and voting trends in Martin County, Florida
    Voting trends vary from election to election.The nature and purpose of the election could also have effect on the total outcome. Foundation Journal sites that:Among the first things the Jamestown voyagers did when they set up English America's...
  • WetFire in all its glory
    The Sparkie, less then an ounce of prevention
    Howdy campers. Well, winter is here...sort of. Needless to say that have serious doubts about needing to reiterate last years precautions about a sudden melt-off of the snowpack ruining your trip. None the same, we can still get out and enjoy some...
  • resized_headshot.jpg
    I'm still the same student I was in first grade
    I rarely write commentary, but since this is an education column, I thought it would be appropriate to share something I've learned recently about learning. I'm attending college classes full-time again at the ripe old age of 49. I haven&...
  • Barbara Frank
    Summer Learning....It's All Been Arranged
    Fort Wayne doesn't have an ocean beach, but it does have lovely parks, streams, a river and other wonderful places to explore. The suggestions in the following article can easily be applied in our landlocked area! Get outdoors and explore!...
  • Homeschool Freebies
    Homeschool Freebies
    Every few weeks this column will feature free homeschool resources on the web. Enjoy all the goodies listed below, and let us know how you used them in your homeschool. The Homeschool Mom. From planners to getting organized to lesson plans, there...
  • Care2Learn's display at the Fort Wayne Homeschool Expo.
    Summer opportunities for your homeschooler
    The advantage of homeschooling is the freedom to pick and choose when, where and how to do it! Here are some exciting opportunities for you and your homeschooler in the Fort Wayne area this summer: FWAHS Used Curriculum Sale. Tuesday, June 8 at...
  • Homeschool "share mom," Deanna Mains has been homeschooling her two children for seven years.
    Homeschool Expo features "share moms" opening night
    You can't miss Deanna Mains. She's the mom of two with a radiant smile sharing homeschool knowledge with parents new to home education through the various books on her "share table" opening night of the 26th Annual Fort Wayne...
  • Autism Choice Board - Children with autism best learn to communicate first with pictures.
    Autism and pictures that speak
    April is Autism Awareness month and there are only a few days left to celebrate the unique differences in this spectrum disorder. One of the myths of autism is that it isn't treatable. It is. There may or may not be a cure in all cases, but...
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