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  • Book of Hebrews
    Book of Hebrews: Chapter 4 (Part 2), Chapter 5 (Part 1)
    Chapter 4 Verse 14Jesus was first called a High Priest in 2:17 and now we will discuss this more in depth. No other priest in the Old Testament was ever called a great High Priest. The word 'great' means wonderful or first-rate; very good....
  • The Eitz Chaim Congregation of San Antonio
    Spotlight on Eitz Chaim Congregation of San Antonio
    San Antonio is home to many different flavors of churches, congregations, fellowships and other such communities of worship. One in particular that deserves more exposure is the Eitz Chaim Congregation (ECC) of San Antonio. Eitz Chaim is Hebrew...
  • OY! How did I get here?
    Life Lessons From Unexpected Sources
    It’s kind of like finding the answer on how to fix your car while standing in the cereal aisle at the grocery store. Sometimes the answer we have been looking for comes from the most unexpected source at the most unexpected time.It is those...
  • Christmas
    Was Christmas predicted hundreds of years before it happened?
    The birth of Jesus is recorded in two of the four gospels: Matthew and Luke. One of Matthew’s primary goals in his gospel was to highlight various events in Jesus’ life that fulfilled Old Testament prophecies. Jews have always doubted...
  • Blessing
    A greatly diminished messiah
    During the 2008 campaign, the media and his supporters presented Barack Obama as the new Messiah, the superman who would solve all our problems to create a heaven on earth. The sacrilegious iconography surrounding Obama, such as his head...
  • Passover Matzoh
    Passover Celebrations around Charlotte
    Passover, the celebration of the exodus of the Israelites from slavery, is here! April 6-14 is Passover, and there are plenty of places around Charlotte with Seders and other events.Another place to check out is David Simon’s website and...
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