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  • Nigel the cat says thrrrrpppp
    What the cat said: Meow
    In the wild and left to their own devices adult cats typically do not meow. They communicate mainly by using body language, facial expression and scent. Cats are solo hunters and have no need to telegraph their prey's location. They don&rsquo...
  • Nigel silent meow
    What the cat said: The silent meow
    Different breeds use subtle different variations of the same sounds to get their point across. The long-faced Siamese, traditionally the most vocal of cats, usually meows quite differently from its flat-faced Persian cousin. Some cats are...
  • Cats
    Things you didn’t know about cats
    1) Cats communicate via nose.Touching noses with another cat puts both in a vulnerable position. Being comfortable to touch nose with another cat indicates that they feel safe around each other and want to gain information about how the other cat...
  • Meow! by Katy Perry
    Review for Katy Perry's fragrance, Meow!
    Ever since Katy Perry came out with her new fragrance, Meow!, and yes, that is Meow with and exclamation point, I have wanted to try it out. Perry launched her new fragrance back on December 14, 2011 and for some time it was only available at...
  • Nala my Cat
    Cats Take On The Personality of Their Owners
    Cats are very expressive and they take on the personality of their owners. They watch and observe how their human companions act and react to various situations and they mimmick them.It is an interesting concept that cats can do this, but they are...
  • Morbidly obese cat named Meow equals 600 lb human
    Morbidly obese cat named Meow equals 600 lb human
    A morbidly obese cat named Meow has a weight that is equal to a 600 pound human. In short, this kitty needs to lose some weight. How did this 2-year-old cat come to weigh an astonishing 39 pounds?A healthy weight for a cat like Meow is about 12...