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  • magnifique
    A Fix For Thin, Gray Hair From Julien Farel
    Beauty ideals differ around the world and across the ages. But we've never found a culture or period that loved thin hair. Not one.There are not too many that are nuts about gray hair, either--on women, at least.Of course, you can try to hide...
  • Production of Melanin in Skin: Is It Good or Bad?
    Production of Melanin in Skin: Is It Good or Bad?
    What is Melanin?Melanin refers to abroad term representing a number of natural pigments present in several organisms including human beings. Melanin is a derivative of the amino acids referred to as tyrosine, although it is not made of amino acids...
  • Designer Skin 12X Colour Explosion Bronzer
    Its Summer time- TRY out Designer Skin Colour bomb 12X COLOUR EXPLOSION BRONZER
    Have you checked your closet? Winter is almost gone. Temperature is rising – SUMMER approaches. Summer means day long FUN. Its time to take out your swimsuit. Go for Swimming, Surfing Sunbathing at beach. Don’t forget to put a Tanning...
  • elure™ Advanced Skin Lightening
    elure™ Advanced Skin Lightening.
    During 2011 at every beauty or spa trade show I attended, each brand showing their products had a new or improved addition to their line, and most invariably it was something to do with skin brightening or lightening.We can sense a change in skin...
  • Fytofontana Cosmeceutical
    Fytofontana Cosmeceutical offers biotechnology for pigmented blemishes
    The Luxury Review New York City held at the Metropolitan Paviliontowards the end of 2011 with over 600 members of the media in attendance, was a show case for the luxury skin care line ofFytofontana Cosmeceutical,they were making their New York...
  • The Original Buddha
    AMEN is the the Hidden Black Spirit in All of Us
    "The originals of all the Gods have been of the Black race" ~Historian Sir Godfrey Higgins Many gods of antiquity were not only depicted in a melanin-rich hue but also actually had the word "black" in their titles. "Asar...
  • Black to the Future
    Back to Black: The Key is in the Melanin
    “Once upon a time, Human Beings were exactly that, ‘Hue’ (color) Man Beings” ~Dr. John Henrik Clark Does Black equal Melanin-Rich?Although “Black” is a color similar to other colors (blue, red, white, brown, etc...
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