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  • What goes into McDonald's french fries?
    The way McDonald's french fries are made might surprise you
    According to CNETNews on Jan. 23, the list of ingredients in McDonald's french fries are not just potatoes. The list of ingredients to make the french fries that you enjoy will surprise you. How many ingredients do you think are in McDonald&...
  • Red and white striped socks for RMHC
    Ronald McDonald House Charities celebrate 40th anniversary
    This year marks the 40th Anniversary of the opening of the very first Ronald McDonald House in Philadelphia, PA and the start of Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC).RMHC is the charity of choice of McDonald’s Corporation, and for the last...
  • Recreate a McDonald’s shamrock shake
    Recreate a McDonald’s shamrock shake
    Getting ready for the holiday and want to prepare something new and exciting for your guests? Recreating a thick and delicious shake that is available at McDonald’s once a year during March for St. Patrick’s Day is just the treat you...
  • Fast Food Kills
    Live Fast: Drive-Thru?
    You could be living under a rock, and would still know that American obesity rates are embarrassingly high. The Center for Disease Control states that in the United States more than 2/3 of the population qualifies as overweight, with 1/3 of that...
  • Jennifer Aniston is allergic to Big Macs
    Jennifer Aniston is allergic to Big Mac's
    According to Us Weekly on June 3, Jennifer Aniston “wasn’t lovin’ it.” Aniston, 44, admitted to New York magazine that she always avoids fast food. However, there was one time when she didn’t. The confession of...
  • Ride 4 Ronald
    “Every single day, we witness stories of courage and recovery...”
    Shortly after Princeton Bryan's second birthday, he woke up one morning with a swollen eye. His responsible and caring parents immediately sought medical attention, however, his condition continued to worsen as he became lethargic, experienced...
  • Joe Flacco Super Bowl MVP celebrate at McDonald’s his $120 million deal (Photos)
    Joe Flacco Super Bowl MVP celebrate at McDonald’s his $120 million deal (Photos)
    It was reported by the Christian Post on March 5, 2013 that Joe Flacco Super Bowl XLVII MVP for the Baltimore Ravens celebrated his new $120 million contract by going to McDonald’s and ordering McNuggets.Joseph Vincent (Joe) Flacco is the...
  • McDonald’s is pulling Chicken Selects and other food item off menu (Photos)
    McDonald’s is pulling Chicken Selects and other food item off menu (Photos)
    It was reported by the Associated Press on March 1, 2013 that McDonald will be getting rid from their current Chicken Selects, Fruit & Walnut Salad and most likely the Angus Third Pounders burger.McDonalds is getting rid of the lowest selling...
  • Brains
    Logo on the brain: Is McDonald’s imprinted on your child’s brain? (Video)
    If you offered your kid a gourmet burger with a whole wheat bun, tomato and lettuce, all sitting pretty on a plate, or a slightly smushed, greasy burger with bright orange cheese, wrapped in McDonald’s paper, which do you think they’d...
  • McDonald
    Man watches as rat is killed in McDonald's and films the cleanup
    Imagine walking into a McDonald’s restaurant and ordering a 20 piece McNugget meal. As you are waiting for the meal to be served, chaos breaks out behind the counter as a rodent is discovered in the kitchen. As if seeing a rat in the kitchen...
  • McPet parade
    Is your pet the best? Prove it at the McPet Parade on May 19 in McDonald, PA
    The 4th Annual McPet Paradewill take place on Saturday, May 19 at Heritage Park in McDonald, PA. This contest is open to the public and pets of all shapes and sizes.“[It’s] a nice outdoor event you can enjoy on a Saturday with your pet...
  • bill_of_rights_iStock_000007427085XSmall1.jpg
    Waiting for the McDonald vs. Chicago decision to arrive
    It is reported that the decision that gun rights activists have been waiting for all year will be released on Monday. At that time, the United States Supreme Court will issue a verdict in the McDonald vs. Chicago case. If the decision is favorable...
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