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  • Whole Food Market on the Eastside of Milwaukee
    Second Whole Foods Market to open in the Milwaukee area
    The new store announced to open by 2016 is planned for The Mayfair Collection in Wauwatosa and surrounding area. An area known for its dynamic suburban white-collar professionals those are passionate for natural and organic food living. This is...
  • Big5 boat starts testing 091313
    Thunderboat teams fill bay waters
    The latest standard in Thunderboat power hit Mission Bay on Friday, the day Mayfair competitors test they have used a right hand making a high speed boat, in front of a crowd that loves the might in high gears. Race work began to prove who is fit...
  • Pumpkin Patch
    Celebrating Halloween in Ottawa!
    October is coming to a close. The leaves have turned, the air is chilly, and once again Ottawans of all ages can partake in ominous, child-like activities, leading up to that ever so enjoyable turning point between the Thanksgiving and Christmas...
  • Nottingham School Mayfest is a Day of Games, Food and Fun
    Mayfest - Games, Food and Fun
    The Nottingham School Mayfest will be held this Saturday, May 5, 2012 from 10 am to 2 pm, and will once again be a wonderful time of fun and games for kids and their families. It is an event you do not want to miss.The Mayfest “has been an...
  • Catan Dice Game
    Catan Dice Game re-releasing from Mayfair Games in 2011
    Mayfair Games has announced it is re-releasing or releasing under new packaging its Catan Dice Game later this year. The original Catan Dice Game released in 2008. This new pre-order from Mayfair Games contains 6 Catan Dice, game rules, two full...