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  • Aussie Marsupials mating in suicidal frenzy
    Marsupials mating to death: 14-hour sex marathons leading to mass die-offs
    Why are marsupials mating to death in Australia? A Queensland scientist recently discovered a new species of the marsupial family called antechinus, which adds a third to the two already in existence known for their 14-hour marathon sex romps....
  • Porpoise starves to death from 'over-mating'?
    'Over-mating' porpoise starves to death, washes up on beach
    A dead adult porpoise that was found in a residential area in London early this month, likely washed up on Worthing beach earlier. And what struck marine mammals specialists as odd was the nature in which the dolphin-like orca died. Based on an...
  • Shima at time of mating
    Pregnant German Shepherd weeks 1-3 of pregnancy (Part 1)
    The first three weeks when a female German Shepherd is pregnant is the least exciting part, other than hoping that she is pregnant and waiting for signs of pregnancy symptoms. This series of articles is our experience with our GS. Please note the...
  • Argus and Shima
    Finding a good stud for mating German Shepherds
    Finding a good German Shepherd male to mate with your German Shepherd female is important to properly breed good German Shepherd pups. Take the time to get to know the owners and for the female to get to know the male.What to look for:People who...
  • Mating German Shepherds
    Successful mating steps for German Shepherds
    In breeding German Shepherds there are basic steps the owner can take to ensure successful mating. On average, females have their heat cycles between 3 to 5 months. There is not an exact time frame. You will get to know your female's cycle...
  • Virgin births: Snakes, sharks, and other animals reproduce without mating?
    Virgin births: Snakes, sharks, and other animals reproduce without mating?
    A new study suggests some animals have virgin births, which means the female doesn't require a male to fertilize her egg. Can a real birth actually happen without mating?Discovery reports that there have been several instances in which wild...
  • Kiss
    The Hunt: Penetrating The Secret Art of Gay Male Seduction - Introduction
    The HuntPenetrating The Secret Art of Gay Male SeductionIntroduction: I met a man, once, who was in the latter stages of physical decline due to AIDS. He looked me straight in the eyes, with great strength, while holding back...
  • Roborovskii Hamsters
    Strange facts about dwarf hamsters with untrue commentary
    Everthing in this article is true except for the italicized commentary. The facts were simply too fun to resist the fiction.The dwarf hamster has one of the most compressed reproductive cycles of any mammal on the planet, which is not surprising...
  • Human mating rituals not as weird as other species
    Human mating rituals not as weird as other species
    They occur at coffee shops and local watering holes, supermarkets, and even at the laundromat. What am I talking about? These are just a few of the places men and women frequent looking for love, companionship, and in some cases, a lasting...
  • Body part attraction men vs. women
    Body part attraction men vs. women
    “Boys think girls are like books, If the cover doesn't catch their eye they won't bother to read what's inside".”Marilyn MonroeMost intelligent people would not deny the importance of physical appearance in the mate...
  • resized_Yellowstone_908_12.jpg
    Rocky Mountain Elk Rut in Yellowstone
    It’s the most wonderful time of the year! But it’s not Christmas; it’s autumn. It's time for the annual elk rut. Mammoth Hot Springs provides an outstanding venue to witness one of natures’ most incredible events....
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