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  • Bikini with glitter and crystals.
    Bodybuilding 101 bikinis: Opt for fabrics with movement
    If you want a bikini adorned with a ton of crystals, and cannot afford it, there's a way to get around that problem. Choose a bikini within your affordability range, and opt for a fabric full of life and movement to add depth and dimension....
  • Knit Me Up!
    Knit loops in heavy weight yarn is the season's most wanted pick
    Knit can be worn all year long because of its plant based fibers. Knit can keep you cool or warm depending on the thickness or space of the wholes. What makes knit so popular this time of round is the patters the variety is endless, braids twist,...
  • Boston Marathon: Katherine Russell family home.
    Boston Marathon: Suspect's widow had radical Islamist material on her computer
    On May 3 the Washington Post reported that the officials investigating the Boston Marathon bombings are focusing more attention on 26-year-old, Tamerlan Tsarnaev's widow. Authorities now say they found radical Islamist material on 24-year-old,...
  • Wealth
    Prayer for Wealth - *Prajapate Na Tvadetanyano*
    ~ Prajapate na tvadetanyano vishva jatani pari ta babhuva. Yat-kamas te juhumas tan no astu vayam syama patayo rayinam. ~ - Rigved 10/121/10, Yajurved 23/65Prajapate - O Lord of Creatures!na - noanyah -...
  • Birthday in hospital
    Is clutter getting you down?
    Do you find yourself overwhelmed with clutter? Do your cleaning attempts seem futile?In today’s world of material possessions it is very easy to accumulate “stuff”. Houses are bigger, money is more plentiful and social stature is...
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