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  • Minecraft Skyrim Mash-up Pack
    ‘Minecraft’ mash-up packs planned to release next month on PS4, PS3
    After recently revealing the first image of the Skyrim mash-up pack DLC for Minecraft running on Playstation consoles for the first time, 4J Studios has now confirmed that they do hope to bring the currently Xbox exclusive add-ons to the...
  • Glee
    Glee makes a "Mash-Up" : Social Issues
    ***In Lexington, FOX is channel 7 (analog), 910 (high definition cable), and 388 (satellite).***GLEEKONOMICS By Jerome Wetzel This summer, I'll be going back to review the season one episodes of FOX's Glee. These are fresh reviews, not...
  • Street Fighter X Tekken
    Street Fighter X Tekken written by: Dwayne Eddie Dockery -DED-
    It had been rumored for a long long time, but nothing ever came of it. That is until 2010 when the very first screenshots came out of nowhere and completely shut up all of the naysayers. Which came first, the rumor or the game is a question some...
  • Girl Talk at Marquee Theatre 3/26/11
    Girl Talk at Marquee Theatre 3/26/11
    Girl Talk has been one of the most well known mash-up artists for years. Gregg Gillis, the man behind the moniker, reassembles songs by sampling popular music. He released his most recent album, All Day for free online four months ago. Since then,...
  • Kill bill
    Funny Video: All the inspirations for Tarantino's 'Kill Bill', all in one video
    We've always been big fans of Quentin Tarantino here at Comedy Examiner HQ, and that fanboy-hood was reinvigorated when the director released Inglorious Basterds back in 2009. Most film geeks will tell you that Pulp Fiction remains Tarantino&...
  • All Day
    When Girl Talk talks, you listen
    On November 15, 2010, Gregg Michael Gills, or “Girl Talk” released his latest mixed up and mashed up masterpiece “ALL DAY” for free download. Coming on the heels of the widely successful album “Feed the Animals”...
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