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  • cherish your wife
    Cherish your wife -- and show her
    Last week’s article advised women in relationships to give our men the “my hero” treatment (think Lois Lane clinging adoringly to Superman). Men love that. But it is not fair to give the ladies a tip and not give the guys one,...
  • Vice-presidential debate
    Your own “running mate”
    Last night’s vice-presidential debate drew much less attention than the earlier presidential debate. That makes sense; after all, it is a presidential election, not a vice-presidential race. As the CNN article points out, the only time we...
  • Woman deciding
    Even though you can't see him, a better man may be just around the corner
    There’s always been something about men that led us to believe that no one can do anything better than we can. When we get on our high horse, we feel as though we have no competition. We don’t believe we can lose until we’ve lost...
  • Men and Women in Love
    Valentines Day Tips for Wives
    As Newark husbands prepare to express their undying love and dedication to their wives on Valentines Day wives must also prepare to reciprocate those feelings.There are three major areas that wives can reciprocate those feelings.Honoring your...
  • expectations.jpg
    Expectancy of Return in Marriage
    Marriage challenges abound - not just in the greater Raleigh area, but in every place where people say, “I do.” Since moving to Garner to start a church five years ago, the single largest counseling issue before me has been dealing...