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The new hot spots in emerging countries

August 4, 2014
Most of us are familiar with the so called BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa), but as these countries continue to integrate into the global economy there are other non-traditional markets that continue to emerge for...

Fresh Market open in Laguna Hills

July 31, 2014
The Fresh Market had it's long awaited grand opening yesterday, July 30, 2014. The new Village at Nellie Gail Ranch in Laguna Hills boasts a new market bursting with all things fresh. The Fresh Market delivers...

4 ways to Sell Properties Like Hotcakes

July 30, 2014
Now that the economy is starting to rebound and the U.S. jobs market is showing promising numbers, the real estate industry is poised to make a killing.Recent reports show that sales have been rising since last year...

Trending jewelry styles to bring out the diva in you

July 26, 2014
This fall step out in fashion; and that just does not mean designer dresses and shoes. Jewelleries are an integral part of fashion. Jewelleries are more than just accessories to accentuate your dress. Jewelleries exude the keen sense of aesthetics...

The relationship between investment risk and expected returns

July 22, 2014
Risk is not really about volatility and market sensitivity – it is about ambiguity. Your quintessential risk/return graph fails to incorporate the uncertainty associated with riskier investments. Dodgier investments have higher expected returns and the potential for low returns...

Not all markets are created efficiently

July 21, 2014
In addition to the fact that the overall market can be dominated by market sentiment, certain sectors are particularly prone to inefficiency. There are several reasons why one financial market may be more inefficient than another. Two of these reasons...

25 Interesting Facts About Gold

July 21, 2014
Gold is one of the most sought-after and appreciated pieces of matter in the world, and has been for thousands of years. It is an element, a store of value, and a decoration. It also has to be mined...

The Benefits and Risks of Real Estate Auctions

July 16, 2014
As many people have discovered, the traditional realtor firm isn't the only way to sell a property. Real estate auctions are increasingly popular among people who buy and sell properties. As an alternative to the traditional marketplace, "...

Three online real estate stocks to buy

July 8, 2014
The three major indexes pulled up tech stocks with them as they went through the roof on Thursday on the heels of positive jobs data for June.Using Reuters data, the Economic Times reported that Dow Jones added 48.8...