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  • A manual equipped Ford Focus ST
    Bay Area carjacker bails on car because of stick shift
    If you pick up the unsavory profession as carjacker, you might want to learn how to drive a manual transmission. This is exactly what one Bay Area thief learned earlier this weekend as KRON 4 news reported earlier today (Feb. 15, 2015.) According...
  • Pet need protection too
    New resource available for domestic violence survivors with pets
    The Washington D.C.-based Animal Welfare Institute has recently announced assistance for companion animals who are victims of domestic violence - and this material should provide relief and reassurance to the owners of the pets who are seeking to...
  • This medical manual should be in every prepper’s library
    This medical manual should be in every prepper’s personal library
    The Merck Manual has been a reference for doctors and nurses and has been published for more than 100 years. As of 2003, however, this same information has been made available to the general public through the Second Home Edition of the Merck...
  • Manuals at the ready.
    The Chilton generation
    Years ago, when a shade tree mechanic or handyman wanted to repair their own vehicle, there were large volumes of reference books to leaf through. In these books were diagrams, instructions, part lists and details of a particular manufacturer...
  • Out of Business 3
    Out of Business 3
    I am no longer writing for Examiner and have removed all of my articles.
  • Sarah
    5 reasons a stick is better than an automatic
    Sarah graduated fromhigh schoollast Saturday, May 11th 2013 and received a five speed Dodge Neon for all of her hard work. While class is over for now, the learning never stops. She will have to learn how to ride a bike with an additional pedal. ...
  •  2014 Porsche 911 GT3 unveiled: Porsche adds power but removes manual option  (Photos)
    2014 Porsche 911 GT3 unveiled: Porsche adds power but removes manual option (Photos)
    LeftLane announced earlier today (March 4,2013) that Porsche officially unveiled the 2014 Porsche 911 GT3 at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show to much acclaim. This newest Porsche 911 GT3 has garnered a bit of criticism as of late for not offering a...
  • Equator in the snow
    How to protect your transmissions especially in cold weather
    Most people know that heat can have negative affects on your automatic or manual transmission but many people don’t know about the opposite side of the spectrum. Cold.Cold weather presents it’s own set of variables to contend with when...
  • Ameda Purely Yours
    Which breast pump is best for you?
    When choosing abreast pumpthere are several options. Whether you are planning on going back to work or want to pump occasionally, there is a perfect pump for you.If you only wish to pump occasionally then you could look into a manual pump. These...
  • Fun with slow shutter speeds
    Fun with slow shutter speeds
    Using slow shutter speeds to create dramatic effects is easy, and can be done with equipment you most likely already have. To do things correctly you will need a camera with manual controls, or if you don't, you may be able to trick a basic...
  • Video: 2012 Scion FR-S vs 2012 Subaru BRZ performance
    Video: 2012 Scion FR-S vs 2012 Subaru BRZ performance
    The 2012 Scion FR-S and the 2012 Subaru BRZ is, essentially, the same car… and it’s a good one. Think of these two vehicles as the essence of what a sports car should be. They weigh less than 3,000 lbs, have an engine set deep-down in...
  • How to Shoot in Manual Mode on Your SLR Camera
    How to Shoot in Manual Mode on Your SLR Camera
    Owning a DSLR is a great advantage. Images taken on your DSLR are far better quality then the images taken with your friends' compact Point and Shoot. However, don't get me wrong because nowadays point and shoots are becoming more and more...
  • Candle Light
    The Power of Shooting your DSLR Camera in M-Mode
    Owning an SLR these days is the easy part. Cough up a couple of hundred bucks and moms and dads everywhere are snapping away beautiful images of their kids at soccer practice. A lot more people these days are getting their hands on Digital single...
  • The Elements of Style 2011
    The Elements of Style, a user's review
    First published in 1919 by William Strunk Jr., The Elements of Style has been widely used by teachers, writers, and students alike. Considering purchasing a copy for personal use or as a gift? Curious about the truths behind both its positive and...
  • Frightened by NYSSMA?
    'Tis the most wonderful time of the (NYSSMA) year
    As a private teacher and an adjudicator, the arrival of NYSSMA (New York State School Music Association) season is truly like the holidays in February. It involves lots of travel, stress, standing in line, and children anxiously awaiting that...
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