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  • Bols Genever
    Bols Genever, an attempt at bridging the malt whisky and vodka gap
    Today we'll be returning to the ancient come hip new cocktail spirit, genever. You may remember my review of Boomsma Oude Genever in which the pungent aroma of the pour was not at all indicative of the final sip's burst of wonderful malt...
  • Summer Seduction: Triple Vanilla Malt
    Summer Seduction: Triple Vanilla Malt
    It's Summer! The temperatures are creeping up, the sun is shinning for longer hours and intelligent people are taking advantage of getting doses of natural vitamin D (from the sun). On the downside, some people are getting sunburn (sunscreen...
  • Ellen at Inner State
    Ellen Rutt makes a splash at Inner State Gallery
    Inner State Gallery may be practically across the street from the Red Bull House of Art, but spiritually for Ellen Rutt, she has come a long way from one to the other. Back in April, Rutt was one of the artists who exhibited as part of Round 4 at...
  • Pete's new skateboard
    Detroit a Mecca for street art enthusiasts
    "We drove from Indianapolis, we started at 5 a.m.," recalled Pete Brown, an enthusiast of street art and curator of the Midwest Street Art page on Facebook. Brown and his friends came all the way from Indianapolis to view the work of...
  • Malt Ice Cream Sandwiches
    Malt Ice Cream Sandwiches
    I have one more ice cream to share with you before the fall season hits us. I was asked by a friend to create a malt ice cream for a dessert. I did so even though I’m not generally a fan of malt flavor. However after creating the recipe, I...
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