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  • Perpetrators maliciously dumping oil on Glendora Mountain Road
    Perpetrators maliciously dumping oil on Glendora Mountain Road
    It's one thing to intensely dislike people who drive enthusiastically up twisty California mountain roads, but it's altogether something criminal to actively try to hurt motorcycle riders or drivers. That's what happened to motorcycle...
  • Researcher says HTTPS can track You
    Researcher says HTTPS can track You
    Perhaps you’ve read that “HTTPS” at the start of a website address means that the site is secure, encrypted. However, a feature of the HTTPS can track you, says an article at is not secure. Carnegie Mellon...
  • What is Ransomware?
    What is Ransomware?
    Imagine that you want to pull up a certain file on your computer. You click on the file and suddenly a notice flashes on your screen saying your computer has been compromised and in order to get your files back, you need to pay up some money. This...
  • What is a Computer Worm?
    What is a Computer Worm?
    Worms. Most of us probably think of them as those squirmy invertebrates we dissected as a kid or found on the sidewalk after a storm. You might have used them as bait for fishing (not phishing), to pull a prank or have even eaten them (no judgment...
  • What to do in the Aftermath of an Attack
    What to do in the Aftermath of an Attack
    Can you hack cleaning up the mess a hacker makes after infiltrating your computer? Would you even know the first thing to do? And yes, YOU’RE computer CAN be hacked.After the attack, locate the portal through which the crumb-bag entered....
  • Malicious Reviewed By Norm Goldman of
    James Raven's Malicious Reviewed By Norm Goldman of
    Author: James RavenPublisher: Global House PublishingASIN: B00GR4XFPUJames Raven's most recent thriller is set in Houston, Texas and he manages to combine both elements of a Cybercrime and murder to interesting effect which turns out to be...
  • Emma Watson attends 'The Perks Of Being A Wallflower' premiere during the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival at Ryerson Theatre on September 8, 2012 in Toronto, Canada
    Cyber criminals use female celebrity bait; Emma Watson this year's favorite
    Cyber criminals use celebrity names as bait to lure unsuspecting internet users to malicious sites. Internet security firm McAfee announced today, September 10, 2012, that this year's name most likely to get you into trouble online is Harry...
  • Apple Security
    Is apple the target for 2011
    Through wisdom of the research department at McAfeethey have made predictions for 2011. They base these security predictions based on trends in 2010. One of the predictions is that Apple will become one of the targets in the coming year.Unlike...
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