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  • Maggots found in prison food again
    More maggots found in Aramark prison food
    Just after the news coverage of the discovery of maggots in prison food in Michigan, food prepared by the same food service company -- Aramark Correctional Services -- was found riddled with maggots at a prison in Ohio. The Columbus Dispatch...
  • Michigan inmates become ill after maggots and fly larvae found in a serving line
    Michigan inmates became ill after maggots and fly larvae found in a serving line
    Today, the Detroit Free Press reports that Michigan governor Rick Snyder addressed the media about a food poisoning incident at the Parnall Correctional Facility, located in Jackson, Michigan.On Saturday, several prisoners reported diarrhea,...
  • New World Army Screw Worm Fly lays eggs inside woman's head.
    Surgeons remove large flesh eating maggots from inside woman's head
    The Daily Mail reports a horrific story on Tuesday that could easily be made into a horror movie. While returning home from a trip to Peru, Rochelle Harris, 27, from Derby began experiencing headaches, face pains and something scratching inside...
  • Fake rats in Sydney agricultural show
    FDA considers maggots and rat feces to be aesthetic food issues
    The FDA has a book that defines the allowable level of contamination by insects, including maggots for some products, and other characteristics such as rotting, mold, and rancidity. According to the FDA, there is an allowable level of rat feces in...
  • Golden Corral: Feeding the masses, dumpster-style
    Golden Corral: Feeding the masses, dumpster-style
    When most folks think about dining out, they never give a thought to what goes on "behind the scenes" in the restaurant they've chosen. After watching Brandon Huber's video of a Golden Corral restaurant storing food outside next...
  • Casu Marzu maggot cheese
    Crazy foods: Casu Marzu, there's a cheese in my maggot!
    Some foods are fun crazy and some foods…well you’re just glad they’re half way around the world on someone else’s table. Casu Marzu is definitely the latter.Casu Marzu is a cheese that is only made in one place (not...
  • Maggots like these were found crawling under some patients’ skin at Dawood National Military Hospital
    Army chain of command allegedly blocks probe of Afghan military hospital
    Earlier this week, military officers told a House oversight committee that a U.S. commander "requested' them to retract theircall for an investigation into an Afghan military hospital.The officers requested the Defense Department to...
  • Maggots are used to treat diabetic patients
    Maggots are used to treat diabetic patients
    In biblical times maggots were used to speed up healing. Recentlythere has beena new take on that maggot therapy.According to American Now News, reseachers in Hawaii have found that maggots help heal the severe wounds of diabetic patients.Maggots...
  • Maggots found in patient due to self neglect - Warning: video is graphic
    Maggots found in patient due to self neglect - Warning: video is graphic
    Occasionally a horror story will pop up about a traveler abroad bringing back some parasite, botfly or what-have-you but during research I have found that it is just as dangerous to get an infestation right here in lovely Virginia, or any state...
  • Eating insects
    Healthy Living: eating insects
    With food prices climbing minute by minute, will man be forced to return to old food choices such as eating insects? Who knows, but there are many insects that are high in protein and actually taste pretty good. Remember the brown beetles that are...
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