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  • Carl Sandburg
    Share and discuss Mag by Carl Sandburg
    MAG by Carl SandburgI WISH to God I never saw you, Mag.I wish you never quit your job and came along with me.I wish we never bought a license and a white dressFor you to get married in the day we ran off to a ministerAnd told him we would love...
  • That's what you call cos play.
    Five games with great tips for combat/survival
    You can learn a lot from gaming; at least I have. With that being said, here are five games (not in any particular order) that offer great tips for combat and survival should you find yourself questing during your day. 1) Legacy of the WizardThis...
  • Korean Drum
    Asian Pacific American Heritage Family Day - Sunday, May 22, 2011
    This Sunday, May 22, 2011 from 12 noon to 5pm, isthe Asian Pacific American Heritage Family Day. Memorial Art Gallery which is located at 500 University Avenue in Rochester is hosting the Heritage Family Day. The event is free and open to the...
  • MAG Tunnel Screenshot
    MAG Review
    MAG is a revolutionary new PlayStation 3 exclusive. Although this game lacks a single-player campaign, the online game play makes up for it. Boasting the largest (player wise) online multi-player game in the business, MAG is a change up from the...
  • MAg_Logo_2.jpg
    MAG: Can It Be Saved? Part Duex
    MAG: Can It Be Saved? Part Duex To be perfectly honest I don’t spend a ton of time on message boards for any game..or any message board really. But with MAG I started spending loads of time there; it was a good spot to get info, to read...
  • Sony announces MAG for Greatest Hits, Move patch
    MAG, Borderlands join Greatest Hits line-up, MAG to be PlayStation Move-enabled
    Eager for an affordable first-person shooter fix? Two new titles are joining Sony's Greatest Hits line-up and they're both notable FPS titles.Sony sent out a newsletter confirming that MAG will not only join the Greatest Hits line-up on...
  • MAG Sniper Rifle
    MAG: A Good Sniper Is Hard To Find
    Most online FPS (First Person Shooters) games out there have some sort of sniper or marksman weapon available, and while some fiend for them others see them as a waste. Trouble is there are many people out there that crave that long distance kill...
  • Playstion Surround Sound System
    Sony Announces S-Force Pro Surround Sound System
    Ready to take that gaming experience to the next level? Sony wants to take you there with its new surround sound system designed specifically for the Playstation 3 system. The Surround Sound System is the first single speaker home theater solution...
  • Playstation Network
    Playstation Store Update: July 20th 2010
    Whats new at the Playstation Store? Glad you asked, a quick search shows a handful of goodies waiting to seperate you from your money. Playstation Plus Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Demo (Free and Exclusive to PlayStation Plus) Demo for Kane &...
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