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  • First in Flight
    'First flight fight' heating up between states
    On Thursday, the verbal arguments over who was actually the first to fly a powered machine in America came to a head whenRep. Rick Perales, R-Ohio, called a news conference to unveil his plans to introduce a bill affirming the Wright Brothers were...
  • Welcome to the gym, part 2!
    Welcome to the gym, part 2!
    Welcome back! Last week we took a look at 3 of the most popular lower-body machines, and found out a lot about our bodies in the process! Let's see if we can keep up the progress by doing the same with some upper-body machines.1) Arm CurlOh...
  • Welcome to the gym!
    Welcome to the gym!
    If you've ever been gym shopping before, you'll probably notice a pretty common layout:Cardio CenterStrength machines and cablesFree WeightsIn this article we'll focus on the traditional strength machines. While they are a lot bulkier...
  • Vending Machine
    Calories no longer a mystery in vending machines
    We all know that the snacks in vending machines are not always that healthy, but we never really know how many calories we are actually consuming.VendScreen, a new technology start-up believes that we should all know and have invented a device...
  • Robots meet for the first time
    Watch in terror as two robots prepare to do battle
    In the future when the machines rise up and crush its human overlords with metallic fist (assuming they have fist) we will look back and blame those Canadians for starting the mechanical apocalypse.A group ofCanadian robotics engineers have...
  • exercise Equipment
    Exercise Equipment
    Exercise works by overloading your system and then adapting. Increasing the applied stress to your body is what will produce the changes you desire, but constant change is important as well. Most people may be familiar with the most prevalent...
  • resized_Bobo.jpg
    To hog or not to hog
    I don't know about you, but one of the first things I learned when I started working out was letting people work in with me on a machine, bench, or whatever. It's just like being on the golf course and letting someone play through. It'...
  • Seabag.jpg
    Cutting down on unnecessary gear at the gym
    I've been going to gyms for years and one thing still astonishes me: How can one person who does so little at the gym bring so many bags, gear, accessories, and other crap into the gym. I swear it looks like an airport baggage claim area...
  • Workout machines in the old Columbia Athletic Club
    Memories and anecdotes of bad gym etiquette
    One of my most memorable moments that still baffles me today when I think about it happenedabout a yearago. I was working out my back on a plate-loaded row machine when, during mid-set, a guy walked over and proceeded to take the 45-lb. weights...
  • Man resting on machine between sets.
    Working in and using machines properly
    Personally, I prefer free weights over machines, but occasionally I’ll choose a machine over free weights for certain exercises due to convenience, or so I’d like to think. In using a machine, following proper gym etiquette should be...
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