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  • The Role of the Macaw in Native Cultures
    The Role of the Macaw in Native Culture
    A painting caught my eye at a recent Native Art show. It depicted a macaw in the foreground and a Mayan village in the background. Here was a macaw in the desert southwest, yet it brought to mind a macaw I had encountered in the Great Lakes...
  • Macaws are large and beautiful birds.
    Facts about macaws
    Caring for a pet is a huge responsibility. Whenever you take an animal into your home you must be prepared to constantly care for it, feed it, walk it (or tidy its enclosure) and pay attention to it. Pets can be expensive and time consuming but...
  • Maxine
    Fall Beak over Feathers in Love with Maxine the Macaw
    UPDATE****Feathered Sanctuary (And myself, of course) are proud to annouce that someone did indeed fall Beak Over Feathers in love with Maxine! She has found a loving forever home! Congrats to Maxine and her new family! And to Feathered Sactuary...
  • Penny
    A-List Avian: Penny's luck
    Looking at the beautiful Blue and Gold macaw now, you do not see the horror she suffered. Penny had an owner who loved her. When the owner died unexpectedly, her son moved into the house. He sold all of the other birds. The son had intended to fix...
  • AARR
    Grand Opening of Austin Avian Rescue's new site Sunday 09042011
    Austin Avian Rescue and Rehabilitation is a Texas 501(C)(3) nonprofit corporation formerly located at 8647 Hwy. 290 West. Jerry Nolan and his staff spending numerous hours supporting individuals having to give up a cherished pet that has been a...
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