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  • Arizona Gold, Legend and Lore Part 2
    Arizona Gold, Legend and Lore Part 2
    Many of the legends and lore of vast riches are embedded in early Arizona history. Long before the white man came to Arizona, the land was inhabited by culturally advanced race of Indians who left irrigation canals, aqueducts, cities, and...
  • Arizona Gold, Legend and Lore Part 1
    Arizona Gold, Legend and Lore Part 1
    Arizona is very rich in minerals, but it is not the leading producer of gold. That honor falls some where between California and Alaska. The principle minerals produced in Arizona are copper, molybdenum, cement, and sand and gravel. Arizona is...
  • Middle Peak is Weaver's Needle
    Maria Gonzales And The Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine
    Jim Bark (Sims Ely’s partner) heard of a woman who claimed to have seen the Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine. Sims Ely interviewed her during the summer of 1910. He found her in a mining camp called Big Bug, Arizona (near Humboldt and...
  • 'Loot" at Westport Country Playhouse
    Westport Playhouse's revival of Joe Orton's 'Loot' is not on the money
    Between 1964 and 1967, there was a misbehaving young British playwright named Joe Orton who loved to taunt producers and audiences alike with wild anarchic farces that assaulted notions of proper behavior, engaged in witty but oft-times rude...
  • Mr McLeavy and Fay
    ‘Loot’ opens at Westport Country Playhouse
    Joe Orton’s classic dark farce, “Loot” opened yesterday at the Westport Country Playhouse directed by David Kennedy. The single elegant set by Andrew Boyce represents a large sitting room in Mr McLeavy’s house, where we...
  • Borderlands 2
    ‘Borderlands 2’ legendary loot drop-rate might be decreased with upcoming update
    Players on the official forums for “Borderlands 2” noticed on April 23 that the drop-rates of legendary items in the game’s newly added Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode was severely lowered. Gearbox Software’s community manager...
  • Flesh Stick
    Borderlands 2 and farming xp, weapons, and other loot
    Farming is a simple and easy tool to getting some much desired loot in Borderlands 2.Farming is the defeating an enemy several times toreceivethe rewards in a consequent manner. For example,defeatingthe final boss several times in order to get a...
  • Borderlands 2 cover
    PS3 Review: Borderlands 2
    Borderlands 2 is set five years after the first game. Since the Vault was opened, a lot of things have changed. Handsome Jack, president of the Hyperion Corporation, has turned Pandora into a nightmare, killing all in his lust for the next Vault....
  • Borderlands
    Looking back - Borderlands
    Borderlands 2 is coming out soon and we're incredibly excited about it. The game's marketing has been top notch and we've been eager to dive back into the loot-centric world of Pandora and revisit its characters. But what about the...
  • Blackbeard
    Shouldn't all libertarians be Ragnar Danneskjölds?
    CommentaryImagine a small group of libertarians sitting around a table on the sidewalk outside John Jay Myers' Free Man Cajun Cafe in Dallas' Deep Ellum on a warm spring evening, enjoying conversation along with their nightcaps.One young...
  • Diablo III release date
    Diablo III release date? Oh, it is true
    Hold on, wait a second. A game that has been years in the making, has finally been given a release date? This must be a Blizzard developed game. And sure enough it is. For a second, I thought that Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm would be...
  • Lich King
    Money & MMORPGs
    Nearly every MMORPG has some sort of money system. Money or its equivalent in MMORPGs is usually represented by something that makes sense within the larger context of the game. Thus, in most fantasy MMORPGs, gold is the unit of money. Along with...
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