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  • MLK Library Prom Event 2013
    Love, GIRLS Magazine – DC Announces Red-Carpet Ready Prom Giveaway
    Love, GIRLS Magazine unveiled its Red-Carpet Ready Prom Giveaway to celebrate the publication’s new DC edition. One lucky girl from the DMV will receive the Grand Prize “Princess Prom Package” – including a designer dress,...
  • bridge to the truth
    Then the disciples came to Jesus and asked him “Why do you use parables when you talk to their people?”Jesus answered, “The knowledge about the secrets of the Kingdom of heaven has been given to you, but not to them. For the...
  • New Associated Press Logo
    Associated Press continues to roll out new look
    The Associated Press (AP), a world-class news nonprofit organization, continues to expand its new look and visual identity system. The new look that includes an updated logo and color system is intended to provide more distinction from other...
  • Olivia Wilde Golden Globe Look 2011
    Olivia Wilde's 2011 Golden Globe Look
    My favorite look of the night at the 2011 Golden Globes is Olivia Wildes. The Tron's Legacy star's makeup was stunning and glowing. She had a subtle sunkissed look that was dressy and classy for the Golden Globes. Olivia worked with NARS...
  • saiyuki's main pretty boys.
    Word of the Week
    The word of the week is bishounen. Bishounen means pretty boy. These types of characters are usually created to draw in girls to read it. They tend to be tall, slender, with well defined features. Bishounen may appear musclular, but they usually...
  • Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon from Sailor Moon
    Word of the Week
    This week’s word is Chibi or Super-deformed (SD). Chibi or Super-deformed is the squashed, embellished form for a character in manga and anime when they get very emotional. The word, chibi, is usually used when talking about a child or a...