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  • LOIC
    DDoS via Anonymous: New web based LOIC raises ethical concerns
    Anonymous enthusiasts recently adopted a new web based LOIC for conducting DDoS attacks. The astonishingly effective new tool is raising some ethical concerns. Critics claim unsuspecting web surfers are being tricked into using the new web based...
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous goes ballistic: Operation Megaupload engaged
    In a fury over the government shut down of popular file-sharing website Megaupload, Anonymous went ballistic. In an extraordinary performance, Anonymous hacktivists successfully disabled multiple government and entertainment websites in an action...
  • Anonymous
    Is Anonymous' threat to 'erase' the NYSE on Oct. 10 a plant by authorities?
    Hacker group Anonymous has vowed to erase the NYSE from the Internet. Remembering, though, that Anonymous is a loosely tied together group, and that the "messaging forum" that was used is open, some other members of the group are saying...
  • Anonymous Chamber of Commerce attack successful
    Anonymous Chamber of Commerce attack successful
    The planned attack by Anonymous against the US Chamber of Commerce website is now successful. What seemed like a lost cause after it was initiated has finally, after five days days, broken through after several exploits were found on the uschamber...
  • Anonymous announces US Chamber of Commerce target
    Anonymous announces US Chamber of Commerce target
    Anonymous, the hackivist organization of Wikileaks and Scientology fame, has announced the US Chamber of Commerce's website (down at press time) as their newest target for their incredibly effective suppression tactic: DDoS, in which a single...
  • Anonymous flag
    Anonymous attacks Sony: Operation PayBack continues
    #OpSonySaturday the Internethacktivistcollective known as Anonymous launched acyberattack on media giant Sony. According to a press release issued in the name of Anonymous the attack is part of OperationPayBack.Those responsible for the attack...
  • Wikileaks DDoS war
    Want to join in the Wikileaks DDoS war?
    DDoS attacks are continuing daily on a variety of sites that either help Julian Assange or hinder his cause in some way. Amazon and Paypal, and now Twitter and Facebook are experiencing DdoS attacks.Meanwhile, interest has focused on the methods...
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