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  • Why love is no longer eternal in Paris
    Why love is no longer eternal in Paris
    Paris is for lovers, but not for love locks. If attaching a love lock on the famous Pont des Arts in Paris is on your bucket list, forget about it. Paris authorities have removed all of the locks from the pedestrian bridge.The love locks caused...
  • Exiting the Panama Canal
    Sail the Panama Canal, visit sunny Palm Springs, adventure in the Maldives
    This week’s deals include a trip through the Panama Canal, a great hotel deal in Palm Springs, and exotic adventure in the Maldives.For those with flexible schedules, Princess Cruises is offering a great deal on 11-night cruises through the...
  • door locks
    You can have Security in an Attractive Lock
    Who says a good door lock can’t look good? Being that your home is far more likely to be burglarized than you are to be mugged walking down the street, you can’t neglect to have a high security deadbolt for your door, even if you live...
  • A basic lockpicking kit and some practice locks
    Picking basic locks with the Open Organization of Lockpickers
    Everyone, at some point in their life, wishes they were a master thief. Not because they want to steal other people's things, but because they'd like to have the skills of a thief, and the freedom thereof. The knowledge that if you needed...
  • Ten active NBA players who are locks for the Basketball Hall of Fame
    Ten active NBA players who are locks for the Basketball Hall of Fame
    This is a list of ten active NBA players who, in my opinion, are already locks for the Basketball Hall of Fame. Meaning that if any one of these players never plays another NBA game, he would still get voted into the Basketball Hall of Fame.Each...
  • Ways to lock your IPad so others cant get your data
    Ways to lock your IPad so others cant get your data
    An iPad is only as secure as you make it. If you're doing something requiring any level of secrecy or protection, try these suggestions to keep your data from getting into the wrong hands.You're always better safe than sorry.Use a passcode...
  • Panama Canal
    Panama Canal
    The Panama Canal is a MUST do “Bucket List” Destination. I just came through for my 3rd time. When you learn the magnitude of the effort the French and USA put out you will be amazed. 25, 000 men died to build it. It was the largest...
  • Info 101: Sisterlocks™
    Info 101: Sisterlocks™
    There comes a time in many natural-haired women’s lives when the question is asked, “Would you ever lock your hair?” The responses vary, however for those who give a complete ‘No’ perhaps they have not seen...
  • Tiffany Locks
    Tiffany and Co. presents Tiffany Locks: Exclusive photos of Locks Collection
    Okay I'll admit it, I am now totally 100% biased. I am convinced that Tiffany & Co. is the best thing that ever happened to acelebrity wannabe. In the effort to try all things celebrity, I was given the opportunity of a lifetime. Tiffany ...
  • Jehning Lock Museum
    The Jehning Family Lock Museum in Mountain View is a safe bet
    Ever wonder what 75,000 keys look like? Take a peek at the display case in the Jehning Family Lock Museum.Located on Castro Street in Mountain View, the museum is—not surprisingly—next door to Mountain View Lock & Key. And that...
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