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  • Jealous?
    Don't be a hater
    I hear a particular comment more often than I can understand, and that is how some of you have missed the boat on the lowest rates and it is just not worth your time to refinance or purchase now because of that.Seriously, out of the numerous loan...
  • Robbery suspect
    Police highlight ‘crimes of opportunity’ in latest update
    “Crimes of opportunity” continue to menace at least one metro Atlanta community, as observed in a periodic community outreach publication distributed Monday.A sketch of a man wanted in three robberies and one shooting between April 9th...
  • Tips to a safe holiday shopping season, burglary and theft increase
    Tips to a safe holiday shopping season, burglary and theft increase
    Police are reminding the public that it's not just the season of giving - it's also the season of taking for criminals. Shoppersare distracted, and sometimes people will leave cars unlocked and leave valuables out."From Thanksgiving...
  • Pattern Lock
    Google awarded patent for Android pattern lock
    About three weeks after Apple was awarded a patent for "Slide to Unlock" by the USPTO, Google has received its own patent for an unlocking mechanism. Google has been awarded a patent for Android's pattern unlock feature.Follow me on...
  • Grab Guard Lock
    Product Review: Grab Guard Travel Lock
    How many times have you turnedyour head away for a moment or walked away from your bagto throw something away in an airport. As cautious a traveler as you are, it is very hard to keep your eyes attached to your belongings for every brief second. I...