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  • The Plastic Tree
    Living free of the plastic tree
    According to the Gorillaz, ‘there is a plastic tree.’ This statement actually isn’t as whimsical as one might think it is. There is such a thing as a plastic tree, and it’s not found in any child’s toy box or a...
  • Aurora Colorado Balloon Release
    Balloon releases are detrimental to the environment
    Balloon releases often happen during times of sadness, protest, or as a celebration. The symbolism of releasing a balloon with messages to heaven for loved ones to read is considered a release of hurt and pain associated with the loss of a loved...
  • Trash Recepticles near the banks of the South Santiam River
    Don't make littering an issue this summer
    With the heat of the summer pounding down on us many escape the hot summer sun by heading out to the lakes and rivers. Here in the Willamette Valley of Oregon the most popular place is near the river where the run off from the...
  • Money!
    Man in Cleveland ticketed for dropping money on the ground
    Sometimes, in an effort to make a person's life better, people will give away money, food, or property. In many cases, this is through a non-profit organization but not always. There are many out there in need every day. In every major city in...
  • Washington County wants you to report smokers for tossing their butts
    Washington County wants you to report smokers for tossing their butts
    Tri-Cities residents driving along listening to the radio this weekend may have done a double-take when they heard the news story about Washington County,Tennessee, and their newest littering ordinance. The act of tossing a cigarette butt out a...
  • Littering
    DEP awards nearly $16 million in state-wide anti-litter grants to clean up NJ
    The Department of Environmental Protection announced on Thursday nearly $16 million worth of state grants to municipalities and counties across the state to fund community litter cleanup programs. More than 559 municipalities and all 21 counties...
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