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An intriguing, yet disappointing mythological fiction
There are thousands upon thousands of writers in the world with thousands upon thousands of stories they wish to share. Some writers will only ever write one story in their lives while others will go on to write countless tales...
The Screen is Mightier than the Sword!
Are you an engine or an anchor?
'Quaternity' by Kenneth Mark Hoover
To tell the truth, I probably never would have given “Haxan” by Kenneth Mark Hoover a read if it had not been published by ChiZine Publications. This has nothing to do with Hoover, whom I was unfamiliar...
'Against a Darkening Sky' by Lauren B. Davis
ChiZine Publications is known for putting out books that are a little off of the beaten path so I was a little surprised when I read the synopsis for “Against a Darkening Sky” by Lauren B. Davis. ...
Book review: 'To Eat With Grace'
To Eat With Grace: a Selection of Writing about Food from Orion Magazine, Forward by Darra Goldstein, 2014 The Orion Society, 2014, 88 pages. Approaching To Eat With Grace, I braced, expecting to be chastised for never finding a...


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