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The Screen is Mightier than the Sword!
Are you an engine or an anchor?
'Quaternity' by Kenneth Mark Hoover
To tell the truth, I probably never would have given “Haxan” by Kenneth Mark Hoover a read if it had not been published by ChiZine Publications. This has nothing to do with Hoover, whom I was unfamiliar...
'Against a Darkening Sky' by Lauren B. Davis
ChiZine Publications is known for putting out books that are a little off of the beaten path so I was a little surprised when I read the synopsis for “Against a Darkening Sky” by Lauren B. Davis. ...
Book review: 'To Eat With Grace'
To Eat With Grace: a Selection of Writing about Food from Orion Magazine, Forward by Darra Goldstein, 2014 The Orion Society, 2014, 88 pages. Approaching To Eat With Grace, I braced, expecting to be chastised for never finding a...


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