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  • Toys "R" Us Employees under liquidation signs
    Bellevue loses Toys 'R' Us, store closes Jan. 25
    Bellevue is losing one of its most beloved businesses as neighborhood toy store Toys "R" Us closes its doors on Jan. 25, 2015. The popular children's store moved into the Bellevue community in Nov. 1991 following the launch of the...
  • Bella Anya Website
    Bella Anya - A New Clothing Source for Small Online Sellers
    Bella Anya is a wholesale source for small online sellers who don’t want to buy a whole pallet but instead purchase a more manageable size of clothing for their eBay businesses. I spoke with owner Anna Hertzog this week about how her company...
  • liquidate business assets
    How to liquidate your business assets
    Many of us put a lot of ourselves into our business but unfortunately, there may come a time when we need to close our doors. When that takes place, we need to act appropriately to ensure that we restrict our losses. One of the ways that many...
  • Home Depot
    eBay Wholesale offers Home Depot liquidation deals
    As part of eBay's Wholesale Deal program, lots of Home Depot liquidations are now available for qualified buyers. eBay Wholesale deals is a way for sellers to get large amounts of inventory at wholesale prices. The platform connects qualified...
  • Internal Revenue Service
    IRS to auction industrial equipment, vehicles and much more
    COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Internal Revenue Service will auction several presses, forklifts, hoists, compressors, vehicles and more at 10 a.m., Nov. 6 in Toledo, Ohio.Items can be previewed at 3843 Seiss Ave., Toledo on Nov. 5 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m...
  • Valuable Dogs
    Forced to liquidate your dog: a bankruptcy hazard?
    That's liquidate not liquefy.. Rememberchapter 7 bankruptcyis aliquidationprocess and if you own a beloved family poodle, you should first obtain a good estimate of what his/her fair market value is.I know it sounds harsh. You don't ever...
  • Ansonia Mantle Clock
    What are Estate Sales all about in Charleston
    We see the advertisements and TV shows about estate sales, but shopping for items in someone's home can make even an avid garage sale shopper nervous. Estate sales, or tag sales as they are sometimes called, happen when someone moves from the...
  • The DC-area Borders store, Springfield, VA
    Local publishing industry insiders contemplate a life without Borders
    Less than a month ago, the forty-year-old giant bookstore chain Borders Group announced, after failing to find a buyer, that it would liquidate its remaining 339 stores. The chain may be history as soon as September. Though customers visit Borders...
  • Winston-Salem Borders to close
    Winston-Salem Borders to close
    Today, there was a "death." The Borders Group, the second-largest bookseller in the country, has announced that it will liquidate and close every store-all 399 of them. This will include our own Winston-Salem Borders books, located at...
  • Borders book sotre
    Borders closing down
    Syracuse has been paying a high price for the erratic economic conditions across the United States. Unemployment, poverty, and homelessness have been at critically high levels here. And now Syracuse has been hit even harder with the loss of jobs...
  • Court Square, across from the Albemarle County Courthouse   (2010)
    The Batesville Store - a legend in its own time - watch it sail into the sunset.
    The website for the highly successful run of The Batesvulle Store announced, with regret, their intention to sell everything in the store beween noon and 7:00 p.m. today, June 12, 2011.There are the usual bargains implicit in an "everything...
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