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  • J.J. Abrams discusses Simon Pegg's involvement in 'Star Trek 3' and the big debates with the new lightsaber
    J.J. Abrams talks new lightsaber and Simon Pegg's writing of 'Star Trek 3'
    According to Comic Book Movie on Thursday, director J.J. Abrams of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" discussed in a video interview the many debates and other discussions entailing the recently seen new lightsaber from the trailer. Abrams...
  • Real Lightsaber
    Real lightsaber? The Force is with this replica laser lighsaber
    A real lightsaber, dubbed the LaberSaber to avoid any Star Wars trademark infringement, has been produced by Wicked Lasers. The lightsaber won’t cut an appendage off while simultaneously cauterizing it, and it won’t slice though sheet...
  • Real lightsaber
    Real lightsaber: Harvard, MIT professors say light-matter is real
    An MIT professor has helped Harvard scientists develop real-life lightsaber molecules and they say that this discovery could actually lead to amazing scientific advancements. WSBTV announced on Sept. 27, 2013, that lasers have been used to...
  • Lightsabers
    Scientists create new form of matter that resembles lightsabers
    We all hoped we'd get to see lightsabers—or flying cars—in our time and it seems two scientists have made just the breakthrough to get us to that next level of technology. As CNET reports on Sept. 27, researchers from MIT and...
  • LIGHTSABER'S LOST - Star Wars: Course of the Force 2013 - Episode 1
    "Course of the Force" to return to 2013 Comic-Con
    Riding the warp-drive wave created by last year's "Course of the Force," plans are already being made for this fun run's sequel. And to kick things off in true Nerdist fashion, Chris Hardwicke and company are putting their own...
  • Lightsabers
    The Lightsaber: A history
    To celebrate the release of Star Wars in 3-D I’d thought I’d go into a little known history of the Sith and Jedi’s weapons.A Jedi’s weapon, "Not as clumsy or random as a blaster. An elegant weapon." The weapon...
  • Brisk Saber
    You Spilled Brisk on My Lightsaber App!
    If you like movies, you might have heard of some kid’s home movie called Star Wars. Apparently, the series has been out for over 30 years now and this summer, they are bringing back the first episode back into theatres (Phantom Menace) this...
  • Lightsaber
    The Lightsaber ‘a weapon for a more civilized time’
    The weapon for the more civilized times is the lightsaber. Just a hilt small enough to fit in a pocket. When turned on a beam of energy snaps out and is able to slice through anything, including metal and steel, or it can block lasers.http://en...
  • The People vs George Lucas
    2011 Florida Film Festival Review: 'The People vs. George Lucas'
    The subject of Star Wars conjures up a multitude of topics for discussion. The usual suspects are fans’ most fond scenes, quotable dialogue, memorable characters, or debating which chapters reign supreme in the legendary franchise. Other...
  • DIY Jedi
    User uses Kinect to turn himself into Jedi Academy cadet
    Follow me on TwitterAh, the more users play with Kinect, now that there is an open source driver, the better things become. Here we see a Jedi Knight in training who has used the OpenKinect drivers and OpenCV to make himself into a Jedi Academy...
  • Kinect hack turns a stick into a lightsaber
    Kinect hack turns a stick into a lightsaber
    Microsoft has given independent developers the go-ahead to hook Kinect for the Xbox 360 up to their PCs and come up with their own unique takes on creating apps and games. And judging by a new video showing Kinect turning a stick into a lightsaber...
  • lightsaber.jpg
    Update: The Comedy Examiner bought one of those super-dangerous lightsabers-- now what?
    The Comedy Examiner ordered one. Now you have to tell him what to do with it. Earlier in the month, we ran a story here at the Comedy Examiner's Office about Wicked Lasers, the Chinese laser production company that's currently selling the Class...
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