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Delayed-harvest trout streams open Nov 1

October 24, 2012
Trout fishing is a sport for all ages to enjoy, you don’t need a fast boat but a pair of hip waders will get you far.Trout environmentDue to the calcium deficient soils Georgia’s...

Invitation for aspiring beauty professionals to an open house

September 18, 2012
Voted School of the Year by the Black Beauty Association, LB Beauty and Training Academy welcomes aspiring beauty professionals to its Richmond, Va. location. The academy boasts flexible schedules, open enrollment and interest-free payment plans. Online study...

Amanda Bynes ordered to stop driving by Judge Marsha Revel

September 14, 2012
Yesterday former teen celebrity Amanda Bynes was caught by TMZ driving around aimlessly while allegedly smoking pot. While this alone is a dangerous situation, Bynes license is currently suspended and the retired actress has been recently charged in two hit...

Senate okays 1 year delay for spay/neuter license plate

April 13, 2012
The California Senate unanimously passed AB610 yesterday, a bill extending the chancethat ananimal-related specialty license plate will be made available. Sales of the Pet Lover’s license plate would help provide funding for spay...

Ways to license your dog in Louisville, Kentucky

February 25, 2012
Being a dog owner means you are completely responsible for your dog's well-being. Providing them with food, water, grooming, love, and attention is just the beginning. You also have to provide preventive care like flea and tick...

Information to keep you mobile

February 5, 2012
Just as every family or person has a unique situation with a disability, every family or person can have a unique solution to staying mobile. The goal is to get from point A to point B safely. This...

Doctor of Octomom has license revoked

June 1, 2011
Doctor of Octomom has license revokedTop news here in San Francisco is about the fertility doctor who helped Nadya Suleman become the “Octomom." The top news is that he has now had his medical license revoked.The...

Cameras in Newark record every license plate passing through

April 15, 2011
In Newark, they recently added seven new security cameras that include "license plate recognition". According to Newark police spokesperson Lt. Mark Farrall the camera system has assisted officers in capturing "both criminal activity and automobile collisions...